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  1. I rarely do atm. Now I just log in for the daily dash ,click on spin and log out HOPING one day they fix things( REAL Fixes!) and actually show that they care for the community and that the games not a RNG and CaShshop milk fest for them and countless of problems see forum... I too didnt get update and loot with my KFM 50hm3 a week ago and logged out, also had been helping Ogong from the start, while others just leeched at bosses.
  2. The people in asia split the channels, one is for ceru and the other crimson.There they help each other. Speaking from experience with asia. If channels r full just wait a bit plenty of people there to help u out eventually. Lots of people here in the west are complete selfish (insert any curseword) And so many r gullable and fall for NCwest crap in cashshop. Look at em spending cash in shop when the devs could have come with better sollutions, not just for the alrdy high lv/equipment peeps. But this is the easy way out right?!? And I was one of the few who thank
  3. Sigh I guess you didnt read or understand the stupidly wall of text i wrote before as to why people are fed up with it.... Guess what another topic about it
  4. There we go again... a CHANCE , great ya gj NC Im not playing another NC ingame casino RNG game
  5. Killed my interest as well and I loved this game... I dont expect anything on a silver platter, I am still playing one of the most grindy Korean P2W oldschool mmo out there called Rappelz where Im lvl 172! which Ive played off and on since beta. Now in that game people can get pretty fast to 150 nowadays cause of xp boosts and free gifts, after that unless on an xp event it comes almost to a crawl in lvling, unless u have good helpful friends/or pay for stuff in CS and/or do some ingame merchanting, but still doable. So yeah I sure do know what real grinding and working for something for
  6. Think some got the wrong memo in making an event An event should be fun and entertaining for EVERYONE. As if upgrades werent expensive enough they come with this crap to get you throw away your hard earned gold. And I I think only the better coralite (silverstone dung ones?) are tradable. So lower lvls r screwed again. Oh well, not surprised. Bk to playing HEX tcg.
  7. GJ humanity at its best. Just cause its a stanger we cant be civil right? Dont get me wrong , I get what u r trying to say, I must be one of the few that does things out of the goodness of the shattered heart I have left. I dont care about profit or money.
  8. Exactly why this community is effing screwed up, its all about me me me and (insert curseword) the rest. I would never bid against anyone, especially when theres a classweapon/skill some could have used in party, be it for breakthrough or skin. Theres is NO HONOR or courtesy among most of the players Ive seen since launch. And Ive seen plenty of mmos for almost 15+ years since Everquest, this games the worst. and why do I even bother typing lol , no use anyways most likely. Back to soloing for my moonw.tears I guess.
  9. uh why are you using stalker ss at that lvl :P If you followed the story and did every quest you should have enough Viridian Valor stones so you can buy the Viridian Valor SS from the NPC standing next to the daily board at Jadestone Village. Get that one and build from there to get the blight SS. Or hope some can carry you in blackram narrows to get the blight SS. But id still get the one in Jadestone Village, think it was an achievement too and you'd have some survivability overall. Also watch warlock guides on youtube cause my lvling of my WL alt was quite easy
  10. Yes they can enter, just leave the group before entering. When I see 50ties rush ahead and kill people I just leave the prty and look for a better one. Too many times I left the prty cause of ahole behaviour(both by 50ties and low lvls) and just re-entered to solo on my Assassin(50hm5) main for daily
  11. Maybe this fix will work for you as it worked for me, mind you my windows 7 is fresh and only have BnS installed without much else and I still got the error for some reason after update 2 weeks ago... This error may be due to issues with your DNS, proxy settings or a firewall. To resolve this, try the following temporary workaround: Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc Copy the file "hosts" to your desktop by right-clicking and selecting Copy. Next, right-click on your Desktop and select Paste. Once this file has been copied to your Desktop
  12. Well Its more than apparent that they dont care much. Heres some advise tho and dont fall for players overpricing the item. Another player made a post a while back about it. If it's sealed it is named "Corruped Demon" Gauntlet for example. Unsealed the name is "Fiend" Gauntlet. The sealed one is usually much cheaper then the unsealed one XD.
  13. Nope bugs still here:( It even resets bomani in mushin 3f...got fed up after 3 resets i just stood in front of him taking the hits and eventually barely killing him. Lots o Silverfrost normal mobs as well, if they move like 2 meters from their spawnpoint they reset, remembering the worst at the large birds when you first get to the snowy area. They reset every time i used it, had to wait each time to summon my pet so it could hold em in place or run around like a headless chicken trying to kill em. The beast mobs a bit further same deal. ******Story Spoiler INC****** ****
  14. Well then Mr/Miss "Its Easy" Would you be so kind to help some of us get the update? Ive been in like 14 Yeti runs and 99% failed miserably cause of mistakes (even if knowing and telling the strat, seen lots o vids) or the group didnt even start cause of high level players leaving cause we are not worthy to be in their Awesome presence. Been in one run with my old guild also full of (fill in cursewords) that completed the run. Not bothering trying to do nexus cause thatll prob give me the same headache as in Yeti dungeon.
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