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  1. not sure if anyone saw this yet or if it was posted here, but i found it interesting with the new KFM/BM/SIN skills. at least there's more plot(?) seems like the devs favor female antagonists a lot... thoughts?
  2. i believe that KR is in act 7? (correct me if im wrong). the teaser for act 7 was in december 2015. and theres a trailer for new content in KR, which probably takes place after act 7, but dont take my word for it.
  3. i would help you since i need insignias and im ceru as well (if thats what you're asking for help with) but i'm currently on iksanun but im pretty sure the misty woods instance will be linked since poh and iksanun will be grouped together if you're up to it been stuck forever on true siren 5 because im too lazy to farm for them lol
  4. Just as title says. I used to run BNS on a mechanical hard drive, with no noticeable screen tearing at all. So, a month later, I bought a SSD so that I can do a clean install on it and keep BNS' and other games' files in the HDD while running it through the SSD. I do now play through the SSD, but there is A LOT of screen tearing to the point where I have to turn on VSync. There's also a line break where the screen tears if VSync is on; never had to turn it on while playing on the HDD. I have 4g of video graphics memory (XFX r7 370), and the monitor's refresh rate is at the usual 60 h
  5. found your thread since i always stalk the art part of forums i cant draw characters maturely b/c of my art style but i thought your preset is cute :3 i forgot the necklace forgive its 11pm
  6. Has NCWEST not fix the bug where mobs reset after using Soul Shackle? I've noticed that the bug occurs mostly in the Silverfrost areas, but nonetheless WL has been out for NA/EU since March. :I
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