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  1. Let's keep this up so gold buyers will start begging and give us more ncoins for our gold. I sell you gold 1g:8n
  2. The gms/support in this game is really bad. They have never had any customer satisfaction training or customer support training. They should just refund everything you spend and give you back your solak energy.
  3. Do you have airdash water dash just check your quest cause it cant get bugged. You can also see what kind of item you require.
  4. @NYYankeeTHis has been known a long time. The GM team is so terrible at being honest and deliver the same services to everyone. But this is the real world and they like to earn money. Is it fair? no Will they change? no Do they care? no
  5. @NeroAlbania How can we see if your monitor has speakers if we dont know what you have bought? Most monitors these days have speakers, you either connect via HDMI or Display port (Or using separate sound cable). If no sound comes out go to your sound settings and select your monitor to be your main sound output. Done. @Stacey Banks I love using speakers way better sound compared to headsets. Headphones can have good sound if you have a motherboard with build in amp or a separate amp for it. You recommend? No you prefer.
  6. Never seen SJF in jinsoyun (EU). I have seen FAS and school. Both are short to type. But that might be because I can type with both my hands and not just one when the other one has a hamburger or something ;) Lets call gunner: 1) Reset slave of warlocks and bb 2) pleb class no gear high damage 3) I never heard anyone say AC though.
  7. @JoannaRamira Bring people back to death? That doesnt sound nice back to life maybe? How about Sb-soulburn Res /reset- reset from gunner Res-resurrect Reset -resetting boss Sk- scions keep School - fallen aransu school Dkv - dawn of khanda vihar Asura - (12 m asura dungeon) And all classes have abbreviations. Wl - warlock (often called sb also) Sin - assassin (often called bb also) Bm - blademaster (often called tank) Kfm - kung fu master (often called bb or tank) Gun - gu
  8. Doing perfect mechs is fine, knowing how the previous way this even was. Like i said eaelier Max is 5 After a while the golden mushroom will eat a part making it 3. This won't happen with 6 people doing mech. And it won't happen if people with enough dps, dps it down.
  9. Partly i agree with the op Talk english in faction and global on Jinsoyun. I dont know what you said, but rhey should have given you a warning first. ncsoft should refund you the remaining days of your premium in my opinion, they banned you thus you cannot use the product or service you gave paid for. However their terms and conditions which are probably written by a money hungry ape. Probably state that if you get banned you have no rights for any refund (aka theft).
  10. The whole system is a fluke, it should be a free market with minimum input of 100 gold. But then you get people welling at 1:1 vause they dont value their gold. A solution is having a npc buy gold for like min1:2,5 and putting market at minium 1:5 If market goes up 1.10 thr npc can sell at like 1:4
  11. 3x no :) this raid is ez you just need some basic gear
  12. I have never seen anything good in trove as a f2p player. It is a p2w event as the op suggest. My thoughts : Having too much money or no life then trove is for you. I rather spend my money on something useful
  13. Welli dont have nor use ncoins :-p But i believe ot is 250 each fixed price during sale
  14. 1 out of 3, 1 out of 2 Well here comes 1 out of 10 1 out of 4 1 out of 6 1 out of 2 Average: 4/22 1 out of 5,5 This does not mean it is 33 or 50 or 75 or 10% It means the chance you get is applied on each try
  15. Both servers are populated end game. even start and mid game you see a lot of alts running around.
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