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Feel a bit squishy/General advice.


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Just needed some advice while leveling, currently lvl 36.

I can kill mostly everything before it even reaches me. I just read divine veil use for enemies with projectiles.

I've got the Q,E and SSing timing down and it has saved me a a lot of times (sometimes I still take some damage not sure if lag or not)

But as I chug along soloing is becoming quite a bit harder. I have part of the cinderlands heroic soul shield and the one you get from pinchy's wheel of fate

which brings my health about to 6K. I solo'd most of the world bosses so far, I finally was able to solo pinchy after spamming lmb, rmb and glacial beam mid range otherwise

his charge kills me in 2 hits if I don't dodge. 


What else could I do to improve my survivability/what other skills should I be using?

Should I start fusing my soul shields?

Which bangle should I use or does it even matter?


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you will have to deal with being squishy until you hit lv 45 and can start getting some decent bopae. I suggest getting the lv 42 profane bopae once you get to the soul orchard to help you through the last of the act 3 content. If you really are having problems surviving, you can spec your rmb to chill so you can freeze and take out enemies one by one. FM gets a lot better at lv 45, and especially one you hit lv 50 and get those extra skill points.


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There's also Frost Armor AKA Ice Tab that you can use to not only resist things for 10 seconds but also heal a bit if you put it at least at T1S1 (10% your total HP on use, plus 2/4/6%, depending on how many attacks you resist). Divine Veil can also heal up to 15% of your HP if you spec it as such.

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