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Suggestion-Summoner' Summon Focus.


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A new player here. I, myself personally like summoner or mostly anything related to summoning minions, but am rather disappointed when with the low amount of focus points (K button) purely for summons, aka the cats. And some weird idea regarding Doom n Boom.


I'm not sure if this is where suggestion meant to be, (no feedback/suggestion sub-forum).


Some Summon (Cat'tree) Suggestions:

-Attack Stats Tab (those tabs), mainly allow players to allocate focus points for cat' Attack power. (from what i see ~50% of character' overall Attack power).

-So this "Paw Power", give additional 20% on top of the cat' 50% AP per focus allocated to this tab.


-Defenses Stats Tab, mainly allow the cat to be more tankier. (from what i roughly see, defensive-related stats are somewhat 2x except for HP, which is 1.5x)

-"Cat Up", gives additional 20% on top the cat' 150% HP based of character per focus/ chain.

-"Furs", gives additional 10% Defenses on top of cat' current percentage of character' stats per focus/chain.

-"Nimble", gives additional 15% Evade on top of cat' current percentage of character' stats per focus/chain.


Some Summoner Suggestions:

-Doom 'n' Boom:

--Focus Tree should branch off into a new skill (like Sunflower). Instead of casting the Flower (DnB) on the target, the character carry the flower along with them, aka, moving around while channeling. During this period, the character will cancel the DnB upon casting a new skill.

---Effect: Character absorb 5% damage dealt. (Single/AOE), Wider range: 12 ~ 15 Meters. DOT remains the same as original.

---CD: up to DEV, but with a small no new DnB period window.

----Further Modifier:

+Heal Familer, 5% of Max HP.

+Heal Allies, 2% of Max HP.

+2 Radius.

-Aggro generated by new DnB.



-Offences: higher damage dealt/ DOT.

-Defensive: Players + Familer receive defence buff.


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I'm sorry to break the news to you, but this whole thread is going nowhere. The GM don't even take players' opinions not to mention the changes on class. Even if they did for some reason, it has to be sent back to KR Devs for consideration. But we all know, they don't give a single *cricket* about other regions.

So yeah.

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