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  1. lowest ap for 4 man asura??

    You can do 4m with 510, acc should be a little higher, about 118 should be sufficient but that requires communication with a static pt. However, the requirement in f8 dungeon is 550AP with 120 acc ( sometimes people want achiement show-off) I would love to see you do it or share us the video where you find it. 3m with 490, I don't even think you have enough either cc or dps to pass Iruga
  2. Petal Storm question: Resists status effects?

    In your skill set, you have 3 skill that can disable approach skill (dash/gap closer) 1 is Flying Nettles tier 2 stage. 1 is Beckon tier 1 stage 3 and 1 is Ankle biter tier 1 stage 2. On top of that, you have dandelion, which upon success usage grant you 6s of invisibility. You also have a snare as one of the skill from lvl 1, which also reset on success counter. And here you ask us how to deal with melee ? You fukin wut, mate ?
  3. Question: Classes and their purposes

    I'm not sure why you rate Sin last. It just bugs me. Right now, in term of single target dps (boss fight) Sin dps is very close to FM dps, which makes Sin 2nd in term of dps. Plus, their stealth make it easier for them to solo dungeon. Party utility ? They have a freaking crit buff, which gives you more crit chance and crit dmg. You need some protection ? They have Smoke screen that block projectiles like DV. HM woodblock for pt invincibility. Party stealth for 10s if you want to skip mob. And Lotus of escape coming later on which you can use to tele your pt. For your info, KFM and BM are capable of tanking, while their dps might not shine, other classes have supporting skills. Summ and FM support are more about survivability (Heal zone, anti-projectile, pt invincibility skill) While the rest have more of damage supporting skill ( Free dmg time when grabbing with BD or Dest, Dmg buff by sin, SB by WL) To answer another question. It depends on where you're farming and what you enjoy. For example, in SSP, ranged has superiority compared to melee, but if we talk about solo farming, Sin is the best hand down (I solo'd more than 200 time Bright Stone back in Pohara patch and able to solo any other dungeon beside Pohara and Dokumo) but since later patch came out, Sin can't solo farming anymore
  4. [Question] Most populated server?

    If youre playing solo and want a populated server, Mushin right now is still the most populated server (the rumor is that people still in queue to log in), the 2nd most populated might be Pohara. But check and see which faction is dominant or you will have a hard time doing faction dailies later on
  5. FM's are at a bit of a disadvantage

    In a nice way ? I think you either need a lot of practice and understand what other classes do instead of panic- pressing skill. You need to think like your opponent, (What am I going to do against this FM? What is his attack pattern?) I mean if you can't win against KFM and Destroyer, PvP might not be for you. BM might be consider your countered class, but come on, KFM and you complain ?
  6. Questions

    I think youre talking about Destroyer. You have to distinguish 2 type of spin White spin (Hurricane) and Red spin (Typhoon). In both spin it's CC immune (except for KD), but the different is, White spin has first 0.5 sec of counter and red spin is more dangerous because if you get hit 5 times by red spin, you get stunned (or dazed). Sometimes you cant knock him down when they use red spin ? Check and see if they have Fury status on them, if they do, your best bet is to SS and get out as far as possible (Fury is only 6s) Tbh, Destroyer has the worst neutral game, meaning they wait till you make mistake. if you look and them initiate, it is very slow
  7. Royal Zen Bean one skill unlock only?

    2nd was a waste. GG In case you didn't notice, Royal Zen Bean is only for the super sunflower skill
  8. Is arena supposed to be equalized??

    I wonder what burn more, your skill Inferno or this
  9. Heptagonal Gems huge pay2win

    What do you win from having 10 more AP ? I do certainly hope it's not skill
  10. Suggestion-Summoner' Summon Focus.

    I'm sorry to break the news to you, but this whole thread is going nowhere. The GM don't even take players' opinions not to mention the changes on class. Even if they did for some reason, it has to be sent back to KR Devs for consideration. But we all know, they don't give a single *cricket* about other regions. So yeah.
  11. Help to decide!

    Soul fighter seem fun and stuff, but it's shitty both in pvp and pve. It doesnt have the tanking capability of KFM nor the glorious DPS of FM. It's like Frankenstein, parts of 2 classes put together. Right now in KR, it's the least favorite class
  12. Help to decide!

    Now I say FM. KFM is fun with combo and animation but it has fallen out of meta with the new Sin (crit buff) and its tanking ability can be replaced with BM (HM block is nice). FM will always be top DPS along with Sin. in PvP. Don't even get me start about how strong FM is atm. They freeze you alot and ran around you dealing dmg. You think you got a combo and chunk them down. They got into their ice case and heal up. And they have shit ton of dash. Also, they are a counter to KFM
  13. Summoners reality!

    I'm not sure why are complaining about this. Coming from a KFM lvl 45 True Siren (when we were at Pohara patch), I switch to Summ and immediately realized this is a no-brainer class but also a low skill cap class What you need to do is to look at yourself when you play pvp. Do you smash your keyboard when you get jumped on and hope for some miracle ? Do you waste your Trinket (skill 2 when you get CC'd) or use CC on a resist tartget ? Do you know what the other classes do when they play against Summoner ? To answer to most of your complaints Assasin: yes, they are stealthy, yes you can tag Doom and Bloom and they run, but what were you doing with your cat ? If they are stealth and attack you, beckon your cat and keep your distance, use counter, you have shit ton of thing to do if you don't smash your keyboard KFM : I lol at this. There's no such thing as counter than 100-0. Yeah we do resist, if our opponent is stupid enough to spam their skill after we Q/E/SS (3 stack of agility = 6 secs of resist. You need to waste your Trinket in order for us to 100-0 you. This is like PvP basic. Wait until either you see our gauntlets has fire on or if we slam 1 feet down (V) which most of the time indicate a KFM starting to animation cancel on you (3RF) then you can use your trinket to escape Destroyer : White spin- no worry, Red spin- Gtfo. Newbie always have a misconception and Des/LBD is spin to win but you can actually KD them (Cat KD or Beckon) after the first .5 sec of counter. When they have furry (A red aura on them)-Gtfo. When they grab and punch you (your body is their temporary shield that block frontal attack), let them and dont waste your cat cc on them. If they throw you down and start chopping you crazily, that's when you should use Trinket. They have to worst neutral game and most just panic and they win on your mistake BD : If they tries to kill your cat. Q it, or Z it. If they resist, don't attack. If he put your cat to sleep, run over to your cat and stand next to it, wait till it wake up and start doing your thing. You can also KD them when they spin (same mechanic applied to Destroyer). Again, dont waste trinket because you're gonna get combo'd (Lightning draw or Grab). This class is also a low skll cap class since everything is so basic (press 1/3 for KD, Z for resist 5s, V to resist for 3 attack animation, Tab to reflect) BM : 50-50, really ? I almost reach diamond last season on NA (2079) and I have never lost to a BM. We ARE the counter to BM, they block ->RMB and KD them or use cat to pin them (pin) them, they have many Q/E and dash -> neutralize by using Beckon or Flying neetle -> 8s of no dashing and doing monkey shit. Tbh, When I hear you have 50-50 chance when playing against a BM, I don't think PvP is right for you. I'm not sure what elo you're in right now, but when I was a noob Summoner, I didn't lose to BM
  14. NCSOFT lie about equal arena.

    Have you taken consideration about crit chance ? Equalize or not, RNG is RNG
  15. Bugging Pet!!!!!

    Or I found that if you run the the north side (horizontal to Yuran) the cat will be back next to you, but thanks for the input