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sin pvp tips?


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im currently playing a lv 29 assassin... in pvp i got wrecked by FMs(ice), summoners and some non stop spin2win destroyer/assassin.... will this continue to be a problem when i hit lv 50? is there any tips to go against each class for assassin...and which class is the real counter for sin cos i know im at lower lv which less skillpoints compared to those lv 50s....


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Against FMs you'll always have a very bad time and you basically can't win against a good FM - that's just how it is. 

You can win against average FMs if you can outplay them but a good one will always wreck you.

FM is our hard counter. 


Summoners will get easier once you know how to play correctly against them and get HM woodblock. 


Spin2win classes also get easier even though they both are also very strong against sins - not because of the spin but because of their billions of cc's (destroyers)  or billions of resist skills (BDs). 


There are tons of tips you can do against specific classes but I'll suggest you to watch the guides from "supa hot vile" on YouTube to get your basics. 

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