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  1. LF: Guide on HM Books, Souls

    A few quick notes about this guide. This is from TW/CN version of BnS but almost everything is the same as it is on NA/EU. A few key points: HM LB skill Wind plains is Skypetal Plains in NA/EU. Recovered HM Skillbook 2 Hellgate Nightmare dungeon is Awakened Necropolis in NA/EU. HM skill 3 pills Currently not in-game in NA/EU. HM skill: Chilling flame elixir Snow Jade Palace is Sogun's Lament in NA/EU. Frozen Snow Jade is obtainable from Cold Storage dungeon. After you kill the first boss, a merchant will spawn that will sell the Frozen Snow Jade for 125 blue orb currency you get from doing Cold Storage. Guide can be found here:
  2. sin pvp tips?

    As Shiune said, definitely check out Vile. He has some seriously wicked videos for assassins in PvP. Besides that, I'd highly recommend you hit level 50 before you take PvP seriously. Viles channel here:
  3. Mushin's Tower Floor 15

    To combat this, you can buy the 6 sec immune pots from the vendor at 13th floor (or maybe it was 14th floor, one of them :) ). They're pretty expensive, 15g for 5 of them but makes phase 2 of Naksun really easy. Just Q his suck in and then E his stun, wait ~2sec and right before the ice falls pop your C (spec 3 pts left side for max i-frames). The 2nd time he uses his ice, there's a high chance your C will be on cooldown so that's where you pop the 6sec immunity potion instead right before the ice falls.
  4. Assassin Dark Build Video Guide

    I just post the http link to the video and the BnS forums does the rest.
  5. Since we're getting our final HM skill for the dark build in the next patch, I figured now would be a good time to make my dark build video guide.
  6. Haha, that's pretty funny :)
  7. Yeah, that quest is definitely annoying but goes away once you leave that area if you just don't accept it :)
  8. Thanks for the support guys!
  9. Asura's Barnd

    Yes. Scorpio belt gives you partial resist and HM upgraded belt gives you full immunity once you reach Python+
  10. Thanks for the support guys!