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I want to come up with a suggestion mainly towards the staff members. There is a quest, called Cold-Blooded Revenge, which is a quest that we/you can do inside The Shrieking Caverns dungeon. I would like to suggest you that to move the NPC, who we can take the quest from, to the dungeon lobby entering room (where you can normally take the quests belong to the actual dungeon), so that we are gonna be able to take this quest ( Cold-Blooded Revenge ) as well as the other quest that belongs to thisdungeon. Right now, if I want to do that quest, I have to windstride to Shiverstone Range to talk the NPC before I would enter the dungeon lobby. I sometimes do the other dailies in that region, so I can just take it as well, but sometimes I don't do the dailies there and I have to windstride just to take the quest. This quest is precious to me to do, because it gives 'Experience Charm Fragment', and even only for that it is worth doing it. At least I consider it as so.
Maybe, it should be there normally - it just isn't by mistake, or maybe on purpose. I do not know.
I'd be really glad if that I wrote above happened. (Windstriding there causes a loading screen which is like 10 seconds on my PC at home, but on my laptop around 1:30 mins, and I have to use that when I'm at my uni's city, which is kind of often, and to windstride to that location just to take the quest is kind of frustrating. - people with the same issue may know the feeling :) )
Thanks, peace.

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Would be nice. I never do that daily anymore because most of the times i just start running all dungeons dailys and i only remember i havent grabbed it when im already in the lobby and im not gona leave to go grab it.

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