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  1. Free Items Bundle

    We haven't received the 3 upgrade emblems either, I believe.
  2. Thanks a lot for those tips, I really appreciate them! :)
  3. Hello Optional to read: I am a returning player, but I played B&S as my main game from the betas till August, 2016. Since then, I have taken a break. (I once planned to come back to play the game, but I kinda dropped the idea, because I was also playing another game, and I didn't really have time for B&S as much as I thought.) But now I am not really playing anything else, so I decided that I would come back to B&S to play it actively. However, there's A LOT of content in the game right now, and my head is like full of question marks about certain things, so I wanna ask your help. (I play Summoner, thus some of my questions will relate more to the class specifically than to just general gameplay, and yes, yes, I know, y'all hate summoners, but please don't let that discourage you from answering if you would answer anyway :) ) 1. Badges: So, as reading forum posts, I found that summoners either use Alluvion or Magnum. Alluvion is a lazy one, but Magnum requires some skill rotation, and, to me, it just seems better. So my question is, Alluvion or Magnum for Summoner (I don't minde if I have to rotate my skills)? (Also, if it is, indeed, Magnum, is there any alternative to get it, other than dragon express? (I don't ask about mystic badges, cuz according to forum posts, it was quite obvious that Enigma is the one, but please, let me know if you see it otherwise.) 2. Which soul shield should I get for battlegrounds? There are 3 types that the NPC is selling: Battleground, Ivory Laguna, Nova core. I guess Battleground is the basic (starting battlegrounding SS, so to say), and Ivory is better and Nova core is the best. is it like that indeed? which one should I focus on? 3. similar to 2., which pve SS is the best I could get with my AP? (I've got 974 AP) I know I can finish Naryu Sanctum, but I havent tried higher tier dungeons yet, cuz I'm just HM lvl 11, and I don't really wanna mess up other ppl's run with my noobie gear. what do you think, which dungeon's mechanics should I learn to run it with my current AP? 4. What should be the daily things to do? Currently, I am doing EC, DT, NF, NS dailies every day+event dungeon+pvp dailies+the new raid dungeon (the dragon one)+the weeklies. Is there something else I could do with my current gear that provides some similar income as those dailies?
  4. [NEWS] Blade & Soul: Eternal Night Arriving May 2

    i had the same bug, but ctrl+F5 worked for me, ty
  5. About one of the new loading screen

    the same thing was going on more than a year ago when some1 won the costume contest with alice wonderland costume, which was suspected of plagiarism, at least many thought so. (for example: the male mask of that costume set was undoubtedly a complete copy-paste, and everyone knew that, and people were raging). there was a thread about it with tens of pages on these forums, yet the costume still made it into the game, and if I recall it, ncsoft didn't even give a response to that. so if that could happen, this is defenitely happening. (I'm not accusing anyone with anything, I just told what was going on back then)
  6. Thank for the tips regarding my gloves and outdated accessories! (By the way, yes, those gloves are, indeed, from the story quests, so now I'm gonna check out that NPC you suggested.)
  7. Ahh, sadly, I guess I just missed the prvious event, cuz i've got back literally just a few days ago. Now I should just hope that the ring will drop. And I assume if the ring is this "easy" to get, then I should save my dracen core for another accessory. Also, may I ask what are the common grinding spots?
  8. I've seen that I could craft them, but I thought they were the tradeble ones that are also on the marketplace, so I didn't really check the crafting cost, cuz I thought it would be still expensive. But now that I know they are the nontradeable ones and they are cheaper to make, I'm gonna defenitely take another look at it. (I have the soul warden crafting btw, but the crafting window, and I think the whole crafting system itself, has complitely changed.) Thx for the tip! Ahh, and I'd have another question: how do people level their HM LVL these days? Grinding mobs or? just because those exp scrolls (or charms, idk) that I get daily provide me like 600.000 xp. And if I got that amount every day+quest XP, it would take months to lvl up even to HM12 from HM LVL11 (and I'm like HM LVL11 +30%). Also, what do you think is the first elemental accessory I should get? (I mean ring or necklace or?) This is my character profile https://bnstree.com/character/eu/Jiyshu Yu (Don't mind if I am wearing wrong SS atm, I had run WW for the daily before I logged out (so even my AP may be 10 less).
  9. Thanks to both of you for your detailed answers, it really helps a lot to see where to start, cuz there's so much content in B&S that it was somewhat confusing, so it's defenitely clearer now :) (And yes, you both got it correct that I wanna build towards earth element. I have the full MSP SS from the storyline btw, however I haven't fused them with crit prime SS, because they are like 80+g/each. I still remember the time when it was like 15g/each q.q, it was long ago.)
  10. Launching

    Hello I took a 1-year break in b&S. I updated it and everything. Question: why does launching the game take so much time? that once was 10-20seconds, is almost 5 minutes now? what the...?????? (also another question: is there some returning reward for those who took a break?)
  11. Launching

    and B&S optimization just gets worse and worse update by update instead of any improvment, at least this was at the time I actively played.
  12. Launching

    i restarted it, it took 30sec-1min now. still longer than it was. have ssd but bns is not installed on it though. ingame loading screens are quite qick though. it was just the launching i was talking about
  13. check the outfits on my char (ofc) upgrading to stage1 legendary (I've been w8ing for this for 9 months now) immediately jump into the act:7 story line spamming the new dungeon to gain peaches
  14. Hello there, I started to play B&S on the CBTs and with the head-start. I played the game for like 8-9 months, then I quit the game and switched to Black Desert Online. The main reasons I quit was that the game was way too repetitive and all my friends turned away from the game as well, and playing the game was not fun anymore. I've been away for like 7 or 8 months now (It was before Midnight Skypetal Plains was launched), and as I checked what updates arrived to the game... it's a LOT of content. When I quit, my stats were 654 AP (True Scorpion Stage 10), with roughly 72,5k HP (Full nakshun bopae), 5k crit, 1.7k crit dmg. (I was not a pay-to-win person, but back then these stats were considered above-avarage stats.) I also had 5 types of hexagonal AP gems, which was also nice, but even back then heptagonals begun to flow into the game. I guess by now they rule, or maybe even octagonal gems (I don't know if they r already in game or not) And my char is on lvl50/HML10. I wrote my sort of "past-progress", just for you to know where i stopped. I know there are new legendary weapons and accessories introduced in the game by now, also a lot of new (for me) contents. Here are the main points that I am interested about: - Which stats are considered avarage or above-avarage right now? (mainly AP, Crit hit, Crit dmg, HP) - Which Hongmoon level is still easely reachable right now? (without p2w), also is it easier in the new content to raise the hongmoon level? (at least to some point, like hm13 or idk) - Which legendary weapon is the best? still Balefur? (I don't exactly remember the name) - Is it worth getting the legendary bopaes from midnight skypetal plains? are there any other legendary bopaes that may be better instead? - Were there any optimization implementations (which really work)? And the main question: Is it worth coming back? Thanks in advance to those who took their time to read my post and reply it.
  15. Yeeh, I was about to ask if I may change the title of the topic to "****ed up anatomy and poses of the gon race", since there are already more replies related to it than to the actual theme of the topic :D
  16. thank you all for responding. Today I logged in and chacked around what's going on. I saw a lot of material pricez drastically decreased, I was really pleased about it. Getting the legendary weapon finally seems reachable, and there are even some more exciting things coming with the 12th april patch. So after all I'm giving the game one more chance Since I don't have anything better to play right now, I will continue to play bns at least untill I may find something else. Or maybe it drags me in again as it did at the beginning.
  17. Thank you. I meant by p2w that many players were already hm15 when I left, because those people bought resets to the instance (I forgot the name, Cold Something maybe?) and they were keep running it, like a billion times a day :)
  18. The Op Summ in PvP

    yes, the other classes (players) here who can't beat summoner seems to be garbage then (cuz summoners have the least pvp potential btw as it comes out from the korean ladder). so you actually pointed out well. this tenah, bevv, and other good pvpers we have here in eu/na would be happy if they got to the 1600 point in the korean season. And I am not saying summoners are the best players, eu/na summoners would strugle in korean 1v1 season as well, and would be at the bottom of the ladder, cuz 90% of korean players would beat them. imagine like our diamond players hit the level of a 1600-ish korean player.
  19. The Op Summ in PvP

    add1, who talkes and cares about the pve part? add2, they aren't so much ahead with the skill patches. look, let a korean bring his keyboard and sit him to play on eu or na. he would go top without losing any match. that's the difference. u r talking about minor skillchanges that we didn't get yet, and don't make so much difference in pvp. I'm done arguing with you, cuz u clearly don't know sheeeeet. thx
  20. The Op Summ in PvP

    cuz we r talking about the same game, but 2 different playerbase. if one playerbase can do it, then the other one should be able to do it as well. if they are not able to do it, then it shows that the other playerbase is far behind the playerbase that actually can do it. meaning: if korean players can beat summoners ez, then eu/na players should be able to do so, but if eu/na players can't, it means eu/na players r just simply bad. you can't argue with this. this is one game. balancing is not made by region. thank you.
  21. The Op Summ in PvP

    You know nothing, Southwind. It doesn't mean that blance fix needed, it means that eu and na lack of good players (with other classes) I can say it again, take korea as the picture, cuz what's there that shows the things clearly. you cannot base you opinion on a dying game like eu and na bns, which don't have as much (and as good) players as korea do.
  22. in the title it comes out what's his opinion is. the other things he wrote r just examples..., examples which I don't require to know to give my opinion. If i had read it through, I would have said the same, because what I said was a general opinion. thank you sir.
  23. The Op Summ in PvP

    I think Grimoir got the point. Summoners are nowhere in korea... ever! All these ppl who yelling about sums are actually bad players. it's funny to see people wanna change another class just because they are bad as hell. really funny :D thankfully not these ppl decide what's gonna happen, a change cannot be based on their opinion, cuz they don't give a clear picture. korea does. that's why the top na/eu players here would sturgle to even get to 1600 point in korea, and NOT bcause of the ping. :)
  24. The Op Summ in PvP

    you should be more precize, and say "Summoners are the worst TO BE AGAINST in 6v6 imo." Cuz i'd guess u'd be just happy if you got some of those summmoners that u described in your party.:)
  25. Summoner DPS

    it's not just bns=summoner, it's summoner=life O__O