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  1. Blade & Ghoul: Items and Systems Update Preview

    Nice middle finger to all the people that bought ToO resets just to get the bracelet. Also nice to see you put the resets up in F10 before announcing this change. I bet that wasnt planned at all. I dont even care if i get the Oblivion Fragments back, i want the money i spent on resets back, how about that?
  2. 30-Day Premium Gift

    When game lunched, we had the 30, 90 and 1 year prem in the in game store. At some point the removed it and added the website sub system we have now. Doubt they'll put it back in store now. People complained a lot about it back then, they still didnt care, doubt they care now.
  3. Story gear is enough to run MSP 1-3, which is what i think op is trying to run. 1 to 3 has no enrage time and little to no mechs. I'd say MSP is actually easier now than when it got released, taking into consideration, ofc, the gear ppl had back then and have now. No one with story gear should be getting kicked from 1-3, they are getting kicked because ppl wana rush through it, not because it cant be done. No enrage time, no dps requierement. So, @LizZard, i think you've just been unlucky with the ppl you tried to join. I have 2 alts that are fresh out of story and ive had no issue getting into 1-3. Make sure you are joining 1- 3 parties, since yes, you are undergeared for 1-6, and daily only needs up to 3 anyway.
  4. Ive seen a few "MOML both bosses", in that case if i join im agreeing to their terms, so i dont bid on either. If not i usually assume its just for Kaari, but ive seen people telling other party memembers to not bid for a hepta ticket that drop on 1st boss because "moml" (wasnt even the orb owner saying it).
  5. Seriously man.. The service offered by NCSOFT is the game itself as a whole, not premium, CLEARLY. When you pay for premium and rng boxes and cosmetics, you are paying to keep the service (the game) running. So not paying affects the game, coz if no one pays and we all turn into f2p players, do you think ncsoft is gona keep running a game that doesnt generate any money our of the godness of their hearts?
  6. How? That makes 0 sense. To make it simple, lets say the limit is 10 a day, instead of 10 a day, make it 70 a week. Someone can play daily gets 10 a day. Another person cant play daily, gets 35 on saturday and 35 on sunday. At the end of the week, they both reached 70. How did that affect anyone?
  7. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    I understand people make mistakes, we all do thats okay, im not mad about them making a mistake, im mad at how they handle it. They have the means to fix it, or compensate us. they choce not to, they choce to come on forums and say its by design and wont be changing and basically giving us all the middle finger. I dont know how you live your life, but i know when i make a mistake that affects other in any way i try my best to fix the situation. They didnt at all. And we pay them. You wana sit quietly and take it, good for you, some of us dont like getting ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ on like this.
  8. But you are wrong. They are offering a service, and some of us pay for it, and a lot of people keep forgetting if the service is crap and people stop paying the game wont keep running. If i open a restaurant and serve poop sandwiches, people wont come and i will have to close my restaurant. So sure NCSOFT doesnt HAVE to compensate us or lets us trade old items for new ones, but its in their best interest to keep us all happy and still spending money, because if they just keep giving us poop sandwiches we will stop spending money and leave. And community would had taken this news a lot better if it was announced before hand, but we were told we could exchange old items for new ones, to hold on to them, just to find out AFTER the patch that all those items we were told to hold on to are now useless, when we could had at least used them if we had the right info. To make matters worse, first day of the patch they slap the orb shard in f10, and they also put it in trove. It's a big poop sandwhich for the community. So good for you if you are happy with this bs, but its coz of people like you that let companies walk all over them that the game industry is going to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, do whatever they want with the player base, milk them as much as possible, and just move on to the next game where they put overpriced founder packs. And suckers go buy them not realizing they are just eating poop sandwiches, and starting the cycle all over again. Thats not how things work, we have the right to demand a good service, we pay for it, they cant just do whatever they want with us.
  9. Bound to Account VT Badges

    The info is right out there... i wouldnt call it "exploit", takes no effort to find this type of things out, it is not an unfair advantage if we all have access to it. That being said, if you are someone that does reads those patch notes you should know that ncsoft west doesnt always do the things the same way as other regions, so if you bought those mats you knew the risk. Lots of people in my raid started getting them if no one in the run needed them in case they did make them account bound but knowing well they might not which is why the never went for more than 20-30g. They never mentioned making them account bound so i dont see why you call it a "scam", in this case you get to be mad at yourself only, op.
  10. They never said remove the limit, just make it weekly, changing literally nothing for people that can reach limit daily, i dont see the problem with that. So far i havent had trouble myself reaching max daily even thought i only get a few hours a day to play, by just doing quick Dc on alts since that gives a lot of rep and its quick, but thats not the case for everyone. I doubt theyll change it, but i wouldnt mind it, ill keep doing the same thing i am and probably max it before the end on the week, while other would use the days they can play to farm rep. Having it daily actually punishes the ppl that cant play daily.
  11. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Not everyone had resets because they bought them in advanced for this change. I dont even remember where i got mine from honestly, and was using them if needed. When i heard they were gona change to the new ones i figured i didnt have to use them all and could keep them around in case i needed them for whatever reason like ive been doing. If i had known they were gona be antiqued for 1c i would had spam cs and hm. As for the oils, i craft them as i need them because of bag space, it took the same amount of mats to craft them before the patch, and after the patch, so no one was waiting to craft oils in hopes of getting more coz we knew we werent getting more, the only change was the demon spirit stone, before you needed 1, now you need 10 lesser ones, and we were told we would be able to atique 1 orb for 10 lesser orbs, so i didnt see the need on blowing all my mats that i needed for other upgrade on oils that i didnt need just yet. My white orbs came from doing daily challenge and cs on several characters, ive never bought a single one, why should i lose them all anyway, specially when we were told we were not going to.
  12. THIS should had been done the VERY FIRST DAY, WHILE REASSURING US that you are actively working on making it possible for us to switch old items into the new ones, you know... like YOU said we would be able to. Thinking that ONE orb per account is any type of solution is an insult to the community.
  13. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    I dont care if its a mistake or misscommunication or whatever. They cant just come on forums and say "its by desing and wont be changed". You screwed up, you fix it. And if you planned to remove this items and make them stupid hard to obtain DONT PLAN A WHOLE EVENT AROUND HM AND CS. And give us the appropiate heads up, how many o us are stucked now not being able to craf oils? Its so damn stupid. You can get shards only through dc and weekly challenge. The damn thing doesnt even drop from HM and CS!! Oh but of course you were nice enough to put them up in F10! And in trove. "Testing complications", "misscommuniction" my ass... more like desperate atempt to get people to trove to be able to do dailys and participate in the event.
  14. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Seriously? And you couldnt at least ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing tell us BEFORE the patch? This thread should be about how you are planing to compensate us for YOUR ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up. The ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ was the stream for? You gave us little to no info, and part of what you gave us is wrong, and we have to just deal with your incompetence over and over again? Stream that coveres nothing and had incorrect info, half asses patch notes that leave you with more questions than answers. I didnt use my resets coz whoevee run twiter told me to "hang out to them" What a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing joke.
  15. Them Outfits... Maybe?

    Well its been 3 years since those maps were relevant... i doubt a lot of ppl would be playing if we had to still play on the same maps for that long. Theres a lot of free outfits, basically every purple dungeon drops them, and some blue ones do too. Theres usually always some type of event going on that gives outfits as rewards for event currency that you get for free by playing the game. Just hit f3 in game, everything thats not under hongmoon store tab or event is basically free in game, hoover over them and it should tell you how/where to get them. Most of the old wheels outfits are somewhere else, check the npc close to the wheel.