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  1. Now demand they fix the disconnect while switching characters issue. They seem to listen to you.
  2. It happens all the time for me and for people I know, not just during dragon, dragon just seems to make it worse, either because you are switching characters more often so the chance of it happening is just higher, or dragon just makes the issue worse which wouldn't surprise me. Game guard has made the issue worse, getting as many disconnects as before GG, but now I'm getting a lot of problems when launching the game and trying to connect to server since GG got implemented. Sometimes game won't even launch for no apparent reason, sometimes it launches but it gets stuck before characte
  3. I don't know a single person that doesn't disconnect at least once or twice a day while trying to switch characters. For some people it actually happens more often than not. Problem has been reported by ppl since the launch of UE4 yet is not even listed on this thread Does that mean that they are not even considering looking into it? It's completely ridiculous that the game completely shuts down after a disconnect. Game should kick you to the pin screen, or character select screen, not all the way to the desktop. Game doesn't even boot that quickly even with UE4. This needs a fix.
  4. What mouse do you have? It should have it's own software that allows you to macro and assign whatever command you want to which ever key you want on your mouse, just like x-mouse, and those work perfectly fine with BNS and game guard. I've been using synapse for my razer mouse to key bind some of my skills to my mouse with no problem, so I'm sure macros will work just as fine.
  5. Remember when they removed game guard because it broke things and fixed nothing? Yet here we are again. If we are listing things that don't work properly, I'll add the logging in failure error here, because every time I disconnect now, there's a chance that I get that error, and can't get back on my account for 10-15 mins. And guess when was the last time this was an issue for several ppl? Last time we had game guard. But now with the added bonus that you dc almost every time you switch characters. Here's a thread from back then: The way game guard was implemented does nothing.
  6. Doubt they are even aware of it, they just tend to throw patches without looking what they are putting in or taking out of the game.
  7. Okay and what about the items I can't redeem this week because of NCSoft's mistake? Are you gona keep the dragon express tab a week longer? Why are you so quick to do an emergency maint when things don't affect players on a negative way, but things that affect us, like missing out on event rewards, can wait till next week? We got an emergency maint to remove trove, coz lord forbids we get to open trove once a day for few more days, we got an emergency maint to quickly remove drops from event dungeon. But this? This doesn't matter coz players don't matter.
  8. The chests that drop from TT, VT/SK and BT are actually bound to account. Once you open them they are bound to character. But you can run with your main any of those 3 raids, get the chests from the boss drops and mail them to any alt. Same with the weapon mat, and soul shield mat. I'm pretty sure even soul shield boxes are bound to account for all those 3 raids.
  9. It only affects the players and in a negative way, so prob won't get fixed till next schedule maint.
  10. It's not like I expected things like this to stop happening after an engine upgrade, but I thought maybe with the amount of returning and new players NCsoft would try a little harder to keep them in game. I feel I'm getting reminded daily that bad performance of the game itself wasn't the main reason I quit bns.
  11. My dude no one here is complaining about ppl farming eva. They are complaining about ppl botting her. If you have the gear to burst her you can just set a bot and go to sleep and have your characters farming exp all night while you are afk. And you still don't see a problem with that? I don't even care what they get out of it, if it's worth it or not, if it affects other players or not, botting is not allowed, period.
  12. I got it too and ive been logging on for almost every day so far this year at the very least. I got nothing other than the code i had to apply form my account that i had to register for with the shadow crusade.
  13. I did read your post, you literally said you find it hard to play. Fire is as much of "mash spam fest" as lightning is, if not more. As for your gear, its just as easy to go back to fire as it was to go to lightning. You only need a mystic badge. Maybe next time try out the spec before you switch all of your gear? I played with a vt badge till i was sure i wanted to switch. Fire did get a buff this patch, so its not even that much behing lightinig.
  14. And how is this bad??? Thats how pvp should be. Being good pays off. Whats the point of pvping if ppl can 1-2 shot each other! You finally have to have some sort of skill to pvp and not be geared carried. Sure 6v6 is unbalanced, it always has been, they will always be because its very hard to keep balance when theres 13 classes and each having 2-3 specs, but at least now fights last more than 0.5 secs, and im enjoying being able to actually have a good fight and not just 1 shot ppl who have less gear than me or get 1 shot by people way better geared than me.
  15. Okay, what? Very different than sins, god mode is more similar to destroyers E, they CAN be hit during god mode. Dmg reduction and immune to cc, but you can definitely hit them. If you find them harder to deal with than frost fm you are probably a destro or a bd. If thats the case, well suck it up and get better. Also, are you seriously complaining about the fact that xml edits got "removed" and ppl suck without them? Im guessing coz you suck without them? Just because everyone and their mother were using them doesnt mean it was still not consider cheating. Specially people that used them
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