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  1. Great to finally have soul boost fixed and rewards that were missing sent to us, very appreciated, but what exactly were we supposed to get? Because what I got makes no sense to the amount of characters I had done soul boost in. Can we have a list of the changes per stage? Or what extra rewards we were supposed to get from the stages that changed?
  2. A few I haven't seen mentioned: Scarlet conservatory soulshields - extremely outdated and overpriced Agitator upgradable accessories - those were removed from in game, why are they in trove? Sun ascension accessories - You get better ones from doing the main quest, those should not be in trove at all either Scarlet conservatory weapon material - made useless by main quest reward and dragon express Yeoharan accessories exchange ticket - outdated
  3. I like some of the outfits so I was gona buy 100 keys to try my luck, after seeing what's consider 2 star crits, i decided not to. This trove is at least 2 years outdated. Why are ET ss a 2 star crit that take 100-300g to buy?? They haven't been worth that much for at least 2 -3 years. Draken Cores haven't been used for anything useful in 3 years, why can I get them in trove? Each key is about $1? Actually insulting to the player base, and goes to show how little they know about where their player base is at gear wise. Literally looks like they don't even play their own game. Anyway that h
  4. No, you can select which race too during the class change, that line is just confusing. They are just letting you know you can't be a gon BD just coz you are a gon destroyer and you are using a class change. I guess in an effort to make it extra clear that the voucher does not give you the ability to switch to whatever class without having to switch races, which is something I would like to assume every player in bns would had guessed, they made it extra confusing.
  5. Those rewards were from last week + end of the season. This week no data will be collected, and next Wednesday, even if you did AD/SUB/Halls, you'll get no rewards, since there is currently no season going on.
  6. I understand this is because the patch basically got delayed, but no ranking means no coins and fusion stones for weekly ranking rewards, could anything be done about that? Maybe resend the rewards we got this week (the weekly part, no the end of the season part)?
  7. That's understandable, but anyone that has played this game for a while is very well aware that the RU server gets the same patches as us same day as us, and they are way better at communicating to their player base than NCWest is with us. If NCWest kept us updated and were transparent with us we wouldn't need to go to another source. I refuse to believe RU gets the patches before NA or get more information than NA does, that is simply not true. Why does NCwest chose not to share that with their players like RU does? Like for last patch, the ppl that didn't check RU patch notes got screwed by
  8. Drop rate is way too low to be needing that many scales, that's for sure. Would be nice to see a drop incrase and/or see the scales in events, like you know... oils.
  9. Despite this not being the news any of us want, a lot of us still appreciate this type of updates. I literally asked myself for weeks on the forums without any type of answer, I wasn't sure if ncsoft was even aware it was broken. Right now the community in general is very angry and/or frustrated with the sate of the game and the lack of communication we've had for the last months (or years) but I hope that doesn't stop you from being involved in the community, again a lot of us appreciate it.
  10. Can we at least get Mao coins as compensation daily on F10? There's like 0 use for them outside the silversteel chest that you can buy once a week anyway, so ppl getting those even if they can do Mao are getting nothing special, and the ppl stuck with a broken Den can buy the freaking chest. Like for real, it's been broken for a month. That chest gives 2 out of the 4 animas you can get a week. It takes 100 animas to get the amulet. We need Den, or at the very least compensation coins.
  11. That would def make me stop paying for premium. Premium has already so few perks as it is, a lot of them got removed from premium, at this point the only thing worth it is the special rewards from daily dash and the extra daily spin, but now they filled the daily dash with mostly crap, so the extra spin only means you get 3 useless items vs 2, and if they remove the tokens from it then what is the point? Finishing the board faster for the 1 pet pack? All that for $12 a month. No thanks.
  12. Judging by the compensation, that includes 0 mao items, I don't think they know it's broken. At the very least they should be giving us 2 mao coins in the "compensation" chest so we can get the supply chest, just like the quest gives you 2 coins.
  13. All my characters were in toi because of end of season when the season ended, and then I didn't do toi on any of them, still some can enter mao and some can't, so that's not it. None of them were in pvp.
  14. It seems random to me, all of my alts were in demonsbane rankings, none of them have done mao since ages ago, some can enter, some can't and since the snowball event I did exactly the same things on all of them, so ranking situation should had been identical, and basically didn't play on any of them after soul boost came out.
  15. If 1v1 covers then why don't we get some den tokens on the compensation pack? You literally get 4 animas/week, 2 come from Den and they don't seem to be aware of it.
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