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Improve IP based verification.


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My ISP drops my connection, at around 20:30, roughly once a week. Each time I need to enter a security code from my email because, naturally, my IP address has changed.


Recently it seems that my ISP has been dropping my connection during the day every single day. For the last 4 or 5 days I have had to go through the security code process EVERY SINGLE DAY.


This is, frankly, bloody irritating.



Here is an alternative suggestion. I have free dynamic DNS services. I have a domain name. Why don't you allow players to register a domain name for their account,  and when they try to log in, do a DNS lookup on that domain name and check it matches the IP address they are logging in from. This way they will never ever have to do the security code thing ever again.


Given that the vast majority of the population in this country, and probably the US and Europe as well, don't have static IP addresses allocated by their ISP, this whole "IP address changing all the time" problem must be common to a lot of people. And with free dynamic DNS services widely available, this a good solution.

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