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  1. Can no longer send mail.

    I haven't played much since 17th August or so. At that time I could happily send mail from all my characters (except the very low level ones). I have bought NCoin and used it on all various keys and an additional character slot or two. Today I tried to send mail and get the message "you must charge NCoin at least once to send mail".
  2. For the last month or so I have been getting friend requests from a particular character. I have no idea who this is. Every time it happens I report them as a spammer, but after the first time this fails. I have added them to my block/ignore list and yet I still, from time to time, find friend requests from them. This is happening on the two main characters I play, and my wife is getting it too. Please can: 1) The admins permaban this character. 2) The devs fix the game so that when you report someone as a spammer or add them to your block list, they can no longer send you friend requests.
  3. Crimson Legion Clan

    What sort of clan are you? PvP? Casual? Hardcore raiding? Do you use/have voice chat? Mumble? TS? Vent? Are you still recruiting?
  4. Want to join a Crimson Legion clan.

    Me too and my wife does too (honest!). I'm Blade Dancer (bit tanky) but also have an assassin (theoretically PvP orientated but arenas are so stressy and I'm usually too tired after work or distracted by kids to do arenas), both level 45. The wife has a level 45 forcemaster. We are both currently grinding Brightstone Ruins to get that damn Merry Potters secret technique as we cannot afford a full set of transformation stones, nor to buy the recipe on the market place. We enjoy levelling and dungeons and I would certainly like to get into raiding and she probably would too, but not too hardcore. I play most evenings, and she plays most evening when she doesn't have work. Contact me as Halimay/Halimat in game if you have a place for us.
  5. Please stop verifying IP address!

    My ISP charges extra for a static IP address. Maybe your's provides the service for free (and why not when it is so little effort) but not all ISPs are created equal.
  6. My ISP has reset my IP address at least three times today, according to the game. Please, please, please stop verifying "location" by IP address. If you actually do some research you will find out that it is ineffectual and inaccurate. It is also, for me with an ISP that sometimes seems to be changing my IP address daily, bloody irritating. Why don't you change the client to grab one or more of the PCs CPU UUID, graphics card UUID, hard disk UUID (or serial number, whichever is more correct/appropriate), or MAC address? This is what Windows uses to verify software installs. You will find that if you upgrade your CPU and motherboard and so on, if you change enough bits, Windows will refuse to run on the grounds that you essentially have a new computer and thus need to buy a new license. If it works for them, why not for you? Alternatively, why not program the game client to use a unique key - unique to each individual installation of the game? With any of these solutions, in order for someone to hack an account, the hacker would need to either: 1) Hack the server and read/modify the values you match against. If they can do this, they can also access whatever else they need to hack everyone's account! 2) Snoop the target's traffic to identify the values the client is reporting. This is preventable by using standard encryption, e.g. SSL or similar. 3) Run a program on the target's computer to obtain the necessary values. Users should keep their computers virus/malware free anyway. Also, for all of the above to work, the hacker would need to use a modified client to fake the values being sent, AND know the users password. You should be preventing people being able to run a modified client otherwise you have problems with people using bots in the game - oh wait you do have that already! Anyway, please find a better solution than IP address. It is really annoying.
  7. Just now I couldn't log on at all - needed to remove cookies. Just stupid.
  8. Thanks for the great replies. I really wish the skill descriptions were clearer. It sounds like Thrash gets you loose whenever grabbed, regardless of whether then attacked. Likewise the straw doll which is SO hard to use. When I talked about skills not lighting up I meant like never, not just a little later than expected.
  9. Tomb of Exile daily

    What quest do you need to do to get this NPC to talk to you? I obviously missed a whole quest chain somehow. --EDIT-- You have to finish talkign to Madun in Sohara's room. I didn't do that because I was afraid of getting yanked into the next stage prematurely (as happend on my main).
  10. I just fought a Blade Dancer and lost horribly. Nothing worked. When I tried to use decoy, it had no effect. When I tried to use Thrash to escape from his Phantom Grip, it had no effect. I'm far from the best Assassin in the world, in fact most would consider me pretty rubbish, but when skills simply do not work, how in hell am I meant to be able to win in the first place? Unlike previous BD, this guy didn't abuse his knockup. He used it perhaps 4 times all match. I used mine on him twice all match, once per bout. He may have been level 50 to my level 38, but even so. This was ridiculous. I don't understand the escape skills. they often don't light up, and often when they do they simply do not work when you push the button. Do other people find this happening at all? Is it a bug of do BDs get some sort of skill upgrade that makes Phantom Grip inescapable or that works right through decoy?
  11. Thrash is broken.

    I was in an arena against a Blade Dancer. The Blade Dancer "Phantom Gripped" me. "Thrash" icon lit up indicating skill was usable. I spammed the button to use Thrash. I even pressed "Alt" and used the mouse to click the button. Nothing happened. This is indicative of most, if not all, escape skills. They light but but have no effect or they don't light up at all despite the pre-requisite(s) being met.
  12. See headline, it says it all really, but just in case... Steps to reproduce: Click "Sign in" link. Enter username. Enter correct password. Click the "Remember Me" checkbox. Click the button to log in. Expected behaviour: Become logged in to forums and return to original page. Actual behaviour: Return to original page. I am not logged in at all. Refreshing the page does not fix this.
  13. :( But I like PvP. Currently silver ranked with my level 35 Sin.
  14. I am a noob warlock. And I got owned by a destroyer! Can someone tell me how come all my escapes get blocked? Up come 2 or 3 options to escape and I press the buttons and the cooldown sweep activates and absolutely nothing happens. I am spamming the damn button and nothing is happening. I hate these escape skills - half the time they don't show up and the other half of the time they don't work! Yes I'm noob, but I would appreciate some advice. The destroyer wasn't even very good, My shackle locked him down every time. P.s. I'm only level 31, so that might be one problem.
  15. Help me with Turning Leaf, please.

    Thanks, Rajak. That makes sense. I had been starting to wonder if that was the case. There was a feeling of a projectile about the animation in the delay. Now I need to learn to not stand still while I wait for the projectile to hit since that might help them read my intentions.