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kill the bots kill the bots kill the bots seriously


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i would rather pay to play or never play this game again than to put up with these bots.


seriously get your shit together, require a webcam and photo of each individuals users left nipple in order to log in. 



nipple recognition technology isn't hard. kill the bots


kill them all. kill the bots. give them their own botty servers to circle jerk their processors


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Captcha is the most widely used anti-bot system. It´s effective to most primitive bots, and it require some sophisticated programming to break a captcha.

It´s easy to implement and probably not too costly.


SMS activation would be another way to limit the bots, which could be effective. Another way would be facebook verification, which we can assume almost all players have, and it will add sigificant time for each bot account to go through a facebook creation as well.

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