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  1. Platinum summoner here~ I could write pagelong guide about summoner pvp. 1) Save your escapes and use them at according to their threath value. 2) Don´t burn all your skills at the same time. Use 1 cc at a time, so you force the opponent to use more escapes. 3) Learn other classes skills, also cooldown timings and skill lengths. 4) Seed shroud is your best friend. 5) Beckon is hugely underrated. (iframe and offensive skill) A few skills that you absolute should have. Power Pounce Tier 4 Form 1 Grapples enemi
  2. You will have to reinstall to make sure everything is registered correctly.
  3. I think cricket has a loving tone to it - except when used sarcastic :)
  4. You´re absolutely right Hanakoi, I recognized elements from both Korean, China and Japan as well. I wouldn´t be surprised to see nordic, celtic and other cultural influence iether, The game seems to borrow inspiration everywhere. Just notice one of the loading screens where it says Pohoran or "pohwaran". It´s a girl with a gatlin gun - anybody thinking another mmo?
  5. To me summoner is a hybrid class. Very versatile, capable of doing tanking, support, soloing and pvp. Not necessarily the best in any of them - but the freedom to do them all. <3 Summoner Class
  6. Jyan and Jyansei is used for the same meaning. Both words are defined by Captain Dochun as stated above. Just because Dochun clarified the meaning, doesn´t mean that only he knows of it or is the only one to use it. It seems like a story-term that most if not all the story-characters knows of. Does it make sense now? Badly translated korean. It ought to have been written like: "I like your determination. Within the world of warriors, Jyans or Jyansei are known for their greatness (potential greatness). I'd like to think I bear witness to a Jyansei in the ma
  7. 'Jyan' or 'Jyansei' Dochun explains "what it means" in the game: "I like your determination. Within the world of warriors, Jyans who have attained greatness are known and Jyansei. I'd like to think I bear witness to a Jyansei in the making." As for the cricket comment - bad translation from Korean. The korean word is maknae - which has no direct translation - basically Maknae is used by older people (this doesn´t mean old people, just people who are somewhat older than you and you should show respect to), when they refer to the youngest in a group. Usually a
  8. Summoner at midlvl (30´ish) is a challenge in dungeons. Problem is that it´s hard to control aggro and let all the aggro go to the cat. At boss-locations, you´ll often have mobs spawn around you, aggroing whatever is closest. Because you have a cat your hp pool is split between the 2 of you, and the summoner character itself doesn´t have a large hp-pool. Yesterday all F8 and F9 (dungeon and arena matching) resulting in disconnect. So I tried a 6 mans dungeon with first 2 people and then 4 people (with people just near the entrance). The dungeon boss was lvl 36, and my party was lvl
  9. play around with it - thats the fun part of customization - I made a lyn summoner yesterday - she looks awesome, could easily fall in love with her haha ~
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