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  1. Platinum summoner here~ I could write pagelong guide about summoner pvp. 1) Save your escapes and use them at according to their threath value. 2) Don´t burn all your skills at the same time. Use 1 cc at a time, so you force the opponent to use more escapes. 3) Learn other classes skills, also cooldown timings and skill lengths. 4) Seed shroud is your best friend. 5) Beckon is hugely underrated. (iframe and offensive skill) A few skills that you absolute should have. Power Pounce Tier 4 Form 1 Grapples enemi
  2. Completely agree. However, whenever i go for 4mans 500+ AP runs, we almost always the bosses on the first tries. The main problem is the players who kill other players, by attacking the bosses to fast and fries the ones that didnt get through the door yet. And even with 3 players we´ll complete the bosses..
  3. I do/did play other classes. The thing is you´re talking about low level stuff. Like a lvl 34 warlock brings a ton of experience. One of my clannies made his to WL to lvl 45 in 2 day. You on the other hand probably never tried to do 4Mans Yeti, 4Mans Necro or 4Mans Lair. There´s a huge difference in skill and class understanding, and summoner is not the easiest class to avoid multiple aoes coming at you - pet taunt or not.
  4. Annoys me a little that you try to belittle the learning curve, when you´re even admitting to be clueless. If you´re clueless (because you never felt the need to improve) - then your oppinion doesn´t even matter. Learning curve for summoner is easy in the beginning. Once you get to 4mans epic dungeons, and soloing stuff, then there´s a world of difference between a good and a bad summoner. I.e. a good summoner can beat mushins 8.3 without taking much more than 5-15% dmg, where as a bad summoner will still struggle with junghado on the floor below.
  5. 1. No doubt, summoners are one of the strongest solo-classes at the moment. It´s a fairly easy class, easy learning curve and the combo´s are not very complicated. Learning how to taunt your cat, timing adv. Seed Shroud and distance control and cat control is rather easy too. That doesn´t mean mastering the class is easy. I´ve seen tons of really poor summoners, and only a handful of good ones. 2. No it isn´t 2 vs 1. We don´t have more skills, our skills are just divided between 2 profiles – and when we hear complaints, it´s usually because most players feel it is unfair that wh
  6. Naryu Lab soul shield and you´ve got 60k hp on a summoner. Get some crit ones, and fuse them with high crit primers and you´ve got pretty much the best soul shield currently available.
  7. When you come to moonwater plains - you want the arena soulshield that you can farm in about an hour - by killing faction npc and getting insignias to trade for the soul shield pieces in misty woods. Once you have full arena soul shield and hit Lvl 45, you should start doing Naryu Labyrinth and collecting those pieces instead. Fuse the pieces with crit primers. Preferably around +100 crit per piece. Thats the basic "easy" guideline. Afterwards, you may perfect your soul shield for higher crit damage by only mixing different soulshield sets together.
  8. You know John Nash? "My chance of success dramatically increase with each attempt"
  9. There are more than 7 floors in Mushins tower. Obviously Junghado isn´t going to be the toughest end-boss for this instance. And I think the difficulty is scaled well - considering some classes are struggling to the point they are giving up on it. Personally it took me 8 attempts to learn his pattern and how to counter it and avoid being killing by his supermoves in the last 30% of his HP. Wasn´t easy, wasn´t impossible and felt quite good when I got it down. 1st time I used a resist poison - after then I found that I don´t need it at all and sometimes I´ll end up
  10. Permastealth isn´t hard. You can´t compare sin and any other class in PVE boss fights. It´s not like Junghado has triggered AoE or something that affect invis.
  11. Yeah I had the same issue. I noticed the ragetimer was far from starting and Junghado skipped my cat taunt completely but did 2-4 continous superattacks on me. After that I kept close eye on 30% hp, and started saving up my escapes was sure my skills was clear of cooldown. After the first time I beaten him, it became more easy. Knowing that his superattacks doesn´t continue forever. As a summoner (where the cat taunt don´t work around 30% hp), I just use enhanced seed shroud and stay invis for 6 sec. Then use an escape and start cc´ing again. During the first 10 seconds its no
  12. Here´s a small guide for all the people having trouble beating Junghado. 1) Kill him before enrage timer starts. The timer is above his HP bar.' 2) When he has around 30% hp left, he starts doing a dangerous combo. For summoners taunt doesn´t work for the next 15 sec. You will need to block or iFrame his attacks 2-3 times in a row. Failure to do that, buy the 6 sec potion from the merchant. It´s not that expensive when you get 5 for each purchase. Once he is done with his combos, continue as usual.
  13. I am talking about in general - and aren´t all purple items untradable anyways?
  14. Still doesn´t make my other 2 points less valid. And they take precedence imo.
  15. Honestly I think thats a bad idea. I mean re-sealing means that you wont be able to see stats. However, being able to trade items that currently are accountbound may not be a bad idea - but it may mean more business for gold sellers though.
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