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  1. Summoner Valley pvp

    i watched parts of your video - didnt see any skill tree in beginning or end of video. Your character is poorly geared, and you should work on that. For 6v6 I usually have close to 74k hp on my sum, with 540 ish AP. 6v6 is mainly tactics + gear. As for the pvp itself, your opponents were horrible. The few times we run into teams like that, we end up having all brazers 90% of the time, and the opponents just staying up in the spawn tower waiting for the time to run. - I noticed you´ve specced surprise bomb, which can work - but you´re not really using it all, then why spec it? - mediocre pvp, looks like low gold rank to me. - you really wanna save those backsteps instead of wasting it everytime you just think you´re in enemy range.... - to be honest it quite painful to watch all your mistakes.. like vs the forcemaster, you waste your backstep, then waste your true friend, waste your enh seed, healing the fm when he has veil up, then additional heal when he does twin statue - lost your cat, doesn´t seem to have beckon specced properly. etc etc. You got 10 easy kills in the video, but the only time you could have shown some real quality, were when you died and messed up. anyways, hope you take the critism positively and work on it. Cheers (Last season double platinum ranked summoner)
  2. Summoners so bad @ yeti

    How else would you do it with 2 summoners and 1 sin? Not every run is with a FM or BM that has HM block. And breaking ice puddles doesn´t take much more time than the 7-8 cruxes that you just get frozen in and lose dps. We do the runs fine without FM or BM+HM block. The runs in my clan, I usually tank the Yeti tauntless to keep the bleed effect on, and even if someone misses a backstep timing, we still pull through everytime.

    On Wild Springs server, the machine guns help balance the huge faction population imbalance a bit. Usually there are 3-6 channels full of crimsons with 1-3 ceruleans in it. The only way we can make a little extra soulstones is killing players with machine guns and stragglers - because its kamikaze running into 60 hostile players without it. Because of only crimsons are able to do the soulstone plains daily quests, they are way better geared than the cerulean side. I think more importantly is to remove the speedhacks and bots/goldsellers.
  4. Summoners so bad @ yeti

    Yeti #2 is the only piece that really is better than Naryu/Scorpions. You could argue the 5th piece as well, due to higher crit - but the rest has less crit/hp than maxed rolled naryu and Scorpio#1. Currently sitting on full naryu with 50% crit rate, which is enough. About the enhanced seed shroud. you don´t need to do it at the heatphases... you just control you cat, and taunt the cat to let it take the jump dmg, double daze the boss right after the bars go black and then move into the lava - done job. We´re using the enhanced seed shroud on the 2nd jump, but mainly so everybody is at the lava spot immediately to pickup the 5stacks of heat buff. There is no such thing as too early on heat phases. Dragon blood is easy mode. 50% more players thus 50% more dps in 6mans, and practically 3 lives vs 1. There should be no reason to talk about yeti 6 mans, in the forums. as it´s so easy that anybody with no clue can survive it, as long you don´t die in the heatphases.
  5. Summoners so bad @ yeti

    The heatphases come in 90%, 70% and 50% - Cold phase at 40%. There is no such thing as too fast. The only time where something comes too fast, is when players don´t stop dps at 33% and 20% to give time to destroy ice circles to reduce the frozen cruxes. Not so sound elite... but I don´t understand why people talk about dragon blood. Yeti is all about 4mans ... 6mans is not worth the time and so easy that there shouldn´t be forum threads about it all. cat does little dmg, is is nothing compared to the dps you lose if the yeti cc you with a forward aoe or jump stun. Taunting cat with 2 summoners or having a BM/KFM to tank, is the best way. It gets messy real easy, if a FM is kiting the boss around.
  6. Summoners so bad @ yeti

    And this depends on the party. if your party doesn´t stop dmg at 33% and the phase just after, to get rid of ice circles, you´re gonna have to iframe 7 cruxes + boss aoe. And you´re just out of iframes - unless you´ve got FM party ice or BM hongmoon party block. Yeti dungeon mechanics aren´t rocket science - but timings can be tricky to get right everytime, and even the players that done it plenty of times, often still mess up a bit. Like your cat is stunned when you really want to cc or simply out of range, or you backstepped to avoid a boss attack, and now he´s jumping at you again, and you need to save that backstep for upcoming boss aoe etc. At least 4mans version, where we´re talking no dragon blood. Not including revival charms and cats farewell or other types of ress obviously.
  7. New 50 lvl big update

    It is available to all - at the proper investments. If you can´t play the game 24/7, then don´t expect to have the same gear as the players who do. That wouldn´t be fair to them either - there´d be no point for them to play the game more than a few hours a day, like casual players. Nobody dictates that you necessarily need the best weapons and gear to enjoy the game. For me it´s alot about the clan and the Arena-PvP. None of these things needs endless grind or alot of coins/gold.
  8. New city

    Theres a portal in Hogshead Hamlet that provides free travel both ways to Zawei city. However, you need to have the unlocked it through quest and level. You need to be at least level 45 to get to Silverfrost. NB at lvl 42, you ought to be in moonwater plains.
  9. So I´ve got stacks of fusion powder and gem fragments that I am not gonna use. Tons of mushin consumables etc. Any use of these, besides the obvious? Or else they are just gonna be discarded.
  10. Faction Ranks?

    I am Master Sergeant and also need additional 36.960 contribution points to reach 2nd Lieutenant.
  11. Droprate owerhaul - we need it!

    played a different game, where you´d upgrade your weapon much like bns - however when the upgrade failed, the entire weapon dissappeared, and you´re back at scratch. I feel with you ~
  12. Droprate owerhaul - we need it!

    ouch that would hurt like crazy. My next weapon upgrade is true breeze and will cost me around 700G.
  13. Droprate owerhaul - we need it!

    @Mallior You assume you´re automatically entitled to every single drop that you desire if you put a little effort into it. You´re not! Some drops are meant to be rare and exclusive. And there´s nothing exclusive or rare, if you could get it easily - nor much satisfaction from an easy archievement. It´s the same in all major mmo´s and if that´s your reason for leaving, you should probably pick a whole different genre of gaming. NB: lookin up your character ( Mallior Attack Power : 383 HP: 41283 Piercing : 487 Accuracy: 817 Critical Hit: 1972 Critical Dmg: 1195 I doubt there´s alot of players that will run 4 mans with you. Without being an elitist, I´d really not like to run any of the new 4mans dungeons with you. I´d have no problem doing any 6man dungeon with you, but 4mans... no thank you. You´d be dying too easily, especially as a sin and with little dmg to contribute with. The only thing that is going for you, is the buff you could provide and party stealth to make runs go a little faster. But I doubt you´d be able to solo the miniboss in Yeti, or solo an orb in awakened necro - or help much on the enrage timer on the lairs totem-boss. Final note: alot of players exaggerate the numbers when they complain about RNG. I.e. they´ll say "i´ve done 250 naryu runs and never seen the fujin uniform" - but in reality they are just pulling the number out their "#!sses and in reality they only did 20 runs total. Personally, I´ve done alot of runs and a time I solod brightstone all the time for the tears. However, looking up in my archievement records, I only did 51 brightstone runs, where I thought I had done at least a 100.
  14. Ceru. Kfm is this even possible ... ?

    I solo the plains alot vs 20-80 crimsons. While you are holding a gun, you can´t use any escapes or skills. At the first cc, you´ll drop the gun. However, I usually escape without dying too, the times I die is mainly because of massive fps drops when there are alot of players all using their skills + bosses. Once, and only once, I encountered a strange bug. Where at least 15 players of the 50-60 players who where there, was targeting me. I used up all my escapes and got cc´d, then for 4-5 seconds I watched my hp going up and down like crazy, and then finally just down. I have no idea what happened to be honest, other than I am summoner and the advanced seedshroud was active. It felt like the cat taunt effect was partially on me for 4-5 seconds and I was resisting 90% dmg, while gaining 2% hp at every hit.
  15. Summoners so bad @ yeti

    The reason why summoners are having hard time with it is that Advanced Seed Shroud does not work against most of the boss AoE. The true friend iFrame is only helpful vs the stomp. So we´re pretty much left with backstep and an extremely unreliable beckon iframe. I´ve done yeti 4mans alot of times, and if the team doesn´t do it right (mess up the cc i.e.) , you´re sometimes just out of way to iframe. It´s not that the players aren´t good enough - its that the class rely alot of teamwork and experience from the rest of the party. Before sins were dying more than any other classes in dungeons, and they were the least wanted class in dungeons (before lvl 50). They died alot too before, and I never thought that they simply sucked and relied on stealth too much - it´s simply that bosses that does front attacks and aoe constantly, makes it difficult for a sin to not periodically take dmg, and with a low base hp, you get bad odds.