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  1. Why everyone is quiting

    I stop playing because i ment for my character to look like my oc other then that i customize the all filter and my only problem is FARMING BOTS !
  2. Treasure Trove ?

    i thought it was april 13th and it was the 12th honest mistake.
  3. Treasure Trove ?

    oops i just notice sorry.
  4. Treasure Trove ?

    Did you guys forget to update the game with this ?, its april 13th and no icon for it !
  5. What is the point of surveys?

    I said i couldn't remember npc names well its because only the yellow arrow npcs i care about.
  6. I need help with mushins tower unlock

    I still got some way to go then ?
  7. Thats not a bad idea instead of banning the bots move them to a server away from the public, meaning while they might be spamming there website but there channel is a private channel and they can't change it !
  8. I am currently at level 42 and at chapter [ Chapter 11: A Wolf's in sheep clothing ] but i am not get the quest to unlock the tower i also want to know that i was skipping quest that gave me 900 experince too not sure if that matter but if i can't slove this on the forums i might have to submit a ticket to FORCE UNLOCK IT <_<
  9. Warlock Level Up Event Question

    ok guess i should level up my warlock then its at level 17 atm.
  10. Mob Resetting

    Had this happen during a field boss fight almost killed it and then it reseted its hp during battle i am like F this shit and have not really fought it again because of the BS !
  11. Warlock Level Up Event Question

    This will most likely be merged to another topic but i thought i ask it anyway my main is at level 43 before the march 2nd patch does that mean if i level my main to 45 i can get the event rewards ? PS: Please note the event said any character not warlock itself.
  12. Stupid Death Walls

    While fighting inferal boss to try at my next upgrade i kept dieing to flaming death walls i revive and try to catch up but party was already fighting the final boss in the dungeon which made my time trying to farming that boss completely pointless 2nd time i got a weapon chest and bought a key and open it i am not dealing with that parting abusing shit ! I think when your fighting the last boss in the dungeon it should be removed as its unfair to other party members i expect dungeons after this one to have this death wall too so i will most likely rage quit very hard !
  13. better play pacman :D

    These bots are pissing me off this is not how you keep paying customer coming back to you NCSoft <_<
  14. Strange redirect;connection not safe

    This is NOT RECOMMENDED but click advance and add exption and it should let you log in but after the staff fixes it remove the exption just in case.
  15. Gaving up on gold scammers

    Reporting them and blocking them for spamming only delays them now i figured out a way to stop the spamming i won't tell you the steps because it seems these bots also listen in to what people are saying as i now see bots with Level 5 rings , necklace and earrings . But how you stop them is press alt then go to filter left of chat only problem is it only works with All and/or custom tabs and theres nothing these bots can do about it .