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fps drop =< implayable


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Ffirst i want to thank the support team , they tried their best with basic system ; hijacks scans for viruses ...etc , but i don't think it helps in my situation .


So, i want to know if this spec is able to run the game without these fps drops when crowded areas or many mobs around (i get around 2-3 fps in skittering tunel ) -_-

and what should i do to make my experience better .


i5 4460

8GB ram

gtx 960 2GB

windows7 64bit


playing actually on the lowest resolution (640-480) x)


i belive it's enough but i don't understand. i tried the nvidia inspector fix from youtube but it didn't work . and btw im only playing the game on 2 resolution and everything to 0 .


And from curiosity for players who have been playing other versions of B&S : was it the same story there too ? i wonder what koreans have as configs :x

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No matter of your settings or pc or troubleshooting seems this game has problems for some players -myself i find this game unplayabile since 2 weeks ago and no way thay i can fix it .Support team trying to help yet nothing really fix my problems ,i'm giving up to it ...

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