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  1. i learn in the arena. slowly. i menage to get plat for a day . and im still gold for a month . but now the problem is vs who . 90% my matches are vs destro-bd-sin . way way too much from this chars in the arena . the only way for self learning will be to make chars and see how the skills work . cus i cant find a good guide for pvp . or any guide . see this. may have some info .
  3. i just did it, now i make "for the fallen" . and yes. just now give me the quest that i need . so thats the 2 quest i need to do BEFORE .
  4. ALL quests ? https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/4be5fk/what_quest_do_i_need_to_do_to_unlock_a_recurring/ is someone know actualy how to . or i must grind hours just for a hint ?
  5. http://bns.endgame.pk/quests/show.php?id=000010
  6. just to say. in lineage 2 which is ncsoft game have build macros in the game and all use them . so , u can use macros like 3-4 skills or ss . small one . macros , not programs . i also think to make macro for LMB+RMB but i must buy and mouse for this . my fingers hur so bad from this . i must drink ibu for the pain . so if nc have problem with that , i will leave with it . u know :) better without Bns than without fingers .
  7. so i make a test . 200 times . 7 outfits . 4 charms. and with the last one , absolutely the last (this is not a joke) i got the hat . i guess the drop rate is "f...k me tender and grind all day for a hat .
  8. i cant find in google info for the drop rate .i want this hat . Jiangshi Headgear
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