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  1. i learn in the arena. slowly. i menage to get plat for a day . and im still gold for a month . but now the problem is vs who . 90% my matches are vs destro-bd-sin . way way too much from this chars in the arena . the only way for self learning will be to make chars and see how the skills work . cus i cant find a good guide for pvp . or any guide . see this. may have some info .
  2. rocnogu

    sum vs destro

    and why not even 1 cc doesnt get him ? i now that the destro is immune only then use C skill . but as far i see in the arena they are immune all the time . u can see how he ressist everything . is actualy a way to kill a destro with summ ?
  3. lag bots scams unstable game unbalanced game bad game at all bad engine boring after a month no info for the gameplay no guides u lose a lot of money i may tell and more . but thats all what i got for a 60 sec .
  4. do someone have list of the easyest achievement ? link ? info ? something !
  6. i just did it, now i make "for the fallen" . and yes. just now give me the quest that i need . so thats the 2 quest i need to do BEFORE .
  7. ALL quests ? https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/4be5fk/what_quest_do_i_need_to_do_to_unlock_a_recurring/ is someone know actualy how to . or i must grind hours just for a hint ?
  8. http://bns.endgame.pk/quests/show.php?id=000010
  9. nothing unusual . move along and use-to-be with the bots .
  10. rocnogu

    sum vs destro

    party stealth ? i think u speak for another game or char . party flower ? what are those skills ? trinket ? from where u get the names ? also on more agresive destro i run 4% heal . 25% is only on fail skill . but anyway. see the clip .
  11. rocnogu

    sum vs destro

    i cant find guide for this . like anywhere . obvi is impossible to do . and i dont mean some new destro players without skills. i mean against good destros . ""good" as "spin like hell and stun . or using some combo macro which u cant compare to. or exploiting the game imperfections. like then the arena load they jump even before the arena is ready and stun the shit out of u .i will up a video later actualy with same thing . which should be fixed or forbidden .not everyone can buy an pcmasterrace rig .
  12. ""with no prove"" u can see server population before and now .
  13. as i sayd before . yes, ppl leave ncsoft at all . im still here cuz im lazy to search for a new game . still . how long. who know ? the sad part is. will have new suckers to give money to this scam company . im agree with u . "" I couldn't care less"" only ignorant ppl can ask for a perfect english . :) u did few mistakes but i dont care for them .and i didnt try to put u down . one more time "". I couldn't care less""
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