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Current BiS Soulshield Set


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So looking at spreadsheets I was planning on going Naryu 1,3,4,5,6,8, BSH 7, Mushin 2. This seems to still give good crit(1137 before infusion), pushes evasion way up(500+)--not sure what its soft cap is--and gives a nice HP pool. Looked around and couldn't find anyone mentioning the best setup for us, I'm assuming since the BiS set everyone else is using only focuses on crit and doesn't care about defensive stats. Seems like this would actually be a good setup for BM/KFM tanks as well.


Anyway, wondering what others were running currently and if there is a better setup.

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In short:

  • Naryu Lab 1: 94 Crit
  • Mushin 2: 182 Crit
  • Bloodshade 3: 75 Crit
  • Naryu Lab 4: 107 Crit
  • Bloodshade 5: 199 Crit
  • Naryu Lab 6: 121 Crit
  • Bloodshade 7: 214 Crit
  • Naryu Lab 8: 303 Crit

There's little merit to getting defensive stats when stealth passively gives +50% evasion, and we're generally not supposed to get hit at all (though PvP may be another story).

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I'd still like to know how much difference that much evasion makes. Yes, we're not supposed to get hit, but a lot of the attacks in this game are designed around very quick reaction time and between input lag and the issues that come up with having huge parties on screen with their effects on top of the bosses the twitch responses can be a little problematic.


Anyway, I guess the nice thing is not needing quite as many Naryu pieces. Just funny to see yet another game that puts stats on gear and then seemingly makes those stats semi-useless in real play if that's the case.

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