2 new player questions reflect and aoe

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Hi, so I made a KFM to try it out and see if I like it.


I have some questions.


Question 1.

With Counter, you can counter abilities (duh :P), but at first I thought this only was for melee attacks.

However I saw that I could counter a magic enemy as well, firing his magic bolt back.

Is it only the animation or visual of reflecting the magic bolt back and does counter always do a set amount of dmg

or do you actually reflect the enemies ability back and does that make him take dmg from his own attack?


Question 2.

I know most abilities of the KFM are single target.

So while lvling, you just try to pick out targets 1 by 1?

What is a good way to deal with multiple enemies?

I am only like lvl 6 so far though.


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1. Counter doesn't reflect the attack itself. It just blocks the attack, then counters with your own attack. The damage of it is set by your stats like any other damage coming from you, whatever the attack you're countering. (So, countering a boss big cleave which does 30k damage will not deal any more damage than countering a mere trash mob 500 damage auto attack).


2. For AoE levelling, Tiger Strike (Swift Strike far right tree spec) is all you need. You can do far more AoE damage with other abilities but you need a lot of skill points and it wouldn't be a "levelling" build. Spamming Tiger Strike will proc Hellfire Kick (4) everytime it's off CD, which is another AoE ability and recovers focus. You also want to spec your Cyclone Kick into Searing Blow otherwise Tiger Strike will drain your focus (and if you plan on going for the fire KFM build afterwards, Searing Blow reduces the CD of Searing Palm, but it's only level 45).



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as an addition to 2):

You can build specific AoE builds, which work very nice to solo certain dungeons. some essentials:


- spec V to pull in enemies to bunch them together
- spec counter to provide healing/stun resist OR to 1x attack resist. Use counter while collecting the mobs, the defence bonus helps a lot to survive a 20 mob bulk
- X is another easy AoE that also procs hellfire kick
- you can use AoE cyclone kick, does not do much damage but helps with healing and a lot with focus
- spec Comet strike to stage 2 for strong, no-cool-down AoE at any dodge or evade
- There's a strong AoE damage plus stun variant of triple kick (RB)


So whoever claims KFM cannot do AoE did not read the small print. ;)


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