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  1. I only have one lvl 50 so far. As in all new games its a bit of searching where to go to gear up and how all the mechanics work and I am still feeling kinda noob regarding this in pve :P. Therefore some questions: 1-I read on a gemhammer slot: ''Gem slots may be reset or lost at certain advanced points in weapon upgrade paths''. How does this work? Does it apply to slots opened with gem hammer only or also to the other ones? Currently I am at True Siren and next upgrade is True Oathbreaker. I have 3 gems (one 25 attackpower gem and 2 silly ones) and 1 empty gem slot (still need to unlock that one). Will anything reset or be lost if I go to True Oathbreaker from True siren? Or can I just open the last slot with gem hammers and have useful gems in all slots without worries? 2-As I mainly want to focus on pvp, I venture into pve because of HM techniques and HM lvl. It isnt very clear to me how to farm these HM techniques. On the Marketplace I saw written below some, where they drop and I know you can get one through consuming royal zenbean (not the one I really want though). However for abilities that are on my priority list I find it kinda unclear. Namely HM secret technique impact (first row). HM secret technique phantom grip(first row) and Dragonchar volume1. You can only farm these or are they purchaseable too? 3-Are professions worth it (time vs income/reward ratio)? If so which ones would be wise? I am kinda thinking of getting the Potter gear (as I like the looks), but I can only find info on the uniform and not the hatpiece. Thanks in advance.
  2. I lost 28 and won 13 as FM :'( Need help

    Fm is one of the hardest classes in pvp, but lot of fun imo. On to the guides/info: Look up Jaesung on YouTube. He is a former world champion FM (2014). Krea gaming channel could also be useful (although the fm info is from februari. I dont think we had lvl 50 back than. Still he mentions a lot of still useful stuff). Typing in google fm pvp guide bns or something like that will make quite some useful info pop up. You want to roughly at least, know what other classes can do and what kind of talents you need vs the different classes. Checking other classes their talents on bnstree dot com can help in this. Talking bit with other classes. Reading about them and such. For example vs Warlock and BM you want your snowball ability to hit into their blockspell to lock it for 6 sec. However against BD and DES you want to talent for Frost tornado to disable their spin (as they are immune to almost all cc while spinning and they can spin out of freezes with it). Generally you want to have chil on your target and have frostorb on you from frostfury. Your double air combo (if you already want to run with those points) you could practice with a low lvl weapon/hongmoon training weapon on pve mobs (so that they dont die to fast in the combo) to get a good feel for the timing or vs someone in sparring as pve mobs behave differently from real players. You can however also just start with a single air combo. Like only using firestorm aerial talent + aerial phantom grip 6sec defence lock. That will still help some to lock defences (defences that would also be locked if snowball hits into a block for example) and is easier than doing the double air combo. Hope this gets you on the way.
  3. FM questions

    You want to know the FM (Forcemaster) part of SF (Soulfighter) or you want to ask questions about FM? As you are in the SF forum. Anyway, chill can stack. At 3 chills, someone gets frozen. The freeze is a root (meaning the target is immobilized). While immobilized the target cant turn nor walk, unless he has and uses an ability to get out of it. Some classes have abilities with cd that can remove chills too (BM being among the classes who can). Chills themselfs prevent the target from using charge abilities. Several of our spells have either a freeze or chill mechanic on them. So either you freeze them directly with a freeze spell or you do it through applying 3 chills. At times its better to not turn the chills into a freeze as they cant charge with chills on them but they often can use charge and remove freeze, when only in a freeze root. I hope this info helps.
  4. very few SF's in pvp ranking

    I just got gold on my lvl 42 SF. Played like ~10 games or so at lvl 38. Got close to gold but felt I needed the SF heal. So than I did ~5 or so more at lvl 42 with the heal and got to gold. Also won against a hmx FM. Doesnt feel like a weak class to me. Took me lot more effort getting gold on my FM. I think you cant Judge this early how soulfighter is doing based on our rankings. People need time to farm their hm lvls, hm skills and get to know the class and you cant expect many to have done that in the little time that has passed so far. Meaning there are less soulfighters compared to other classes who have reached the point of enough lvls, hm skills and getting to know the class at high lvl. So logically its not weird if high in the rankings are less soulfighters as well. From what I heard its good in 1on1 arena and one of the best in 3v3 tag arena (in Korea). Warlock needed couple of months before it even appeared on the first page. Those months havent even passed yet for SF.
  5. I dont have the issue anymore but I dont know exactly why. What I have done: Cleared internet history, cache and such. Shut off pc. Unplugged/restarted modem. Restarted pc. Restarted BnS. Refresh hostfile (adding and removing the ''#'' in front of the address and saving file after both actions). I always start the game in administrator. I don't know why trying to download the installer doesnt work for you. Maybe you can ask support?
  6. Impact block request buff?

    What do you mean counter deflect stun with veil and spin being counterable and impact not being counterable? I meant naked as in, you need to pop a big to medium cd (veil, freeze, iframe). Whereas other classes have a low cd ability like a block/count/stealth on top of their cds. Besides timing abilities like 0.5 sec impact, would be fun to use and have (while still having the pve part of impact, like burn, pvefrost impact and on the impact stun impact. Dependable on which one you choose you would always have have the 0.5 sec defence on it).
  7. Warlock questions hm lvl and techniques?

    Just a quick note: In arena HM lvl can matter as the more hm lvls you have, the more points you have to spend on talents. Some classes can get their essential or important talents with less points than others. Some classes need a higher hm lvl than others before they reach their strength. Regarding pve, do you like the warlock pve rotation and management of certain mechanics? How do you generally avoid dmg while in boss fights?
  8. very few SF's in pvp ranking

    I think you cant Judge this early how soulfighter is doing based on our rankings. People need time to farm their hm lvls, hm skills and get to know the class. You cant expect many to have done that in the little time that has passed so far. Meaning there are less soulfighters compared to other classes who have reached the point of enough lvls, hm skills and getting to know the class at high lvl. So logically its not weird if there are less soulfighters in the rankings atm. From what I heard its good in 1on1 arena and one of the best in 3v3 tag arena (in Korea). Warlock needed quite some time in catching up when it was released.
  9. Frost storm lag

    Do you guys also experience some sort of lag when using Froststorm? I am lvling a SF, which I find fun but this Froststorm lag is kinda annoying, as it makes it difficult to do a follow up. This is the first time that I experience some sort of lag with a class ability.
  10. Devs Post 1 june changes - [Siren group]

    I dont think that rng boxes are meant for this specific issue. Besides it wont''fix'' it nor fix it. As it the cost at true siren to true oathbreaker is still not in proportion to evolves in other paths at a similar point (like in the oathbreaker path or before june 1 in the Siren path when you didnt have to go from true siren to true oathbreaker). So the cost of evolving from true siren to true oathbreaker is still to large relatively in comparison to similar points in other paths. An rng box wont change the cost being relatively to large compared to similar points in other paths. The cost of true siren to true oathbreaker needs to be more in proportion to similar points in other paths.
  11. Impact block request buff?

    I know the 16m one doesnt turn freeze into stun and that you wont pick that one in pvp. I bring up the projectile block + burn + impact regarding both pvp and pve. So the texts regarding the 16m impact is pve related. The fact that they can stun with a spindeflect doesnt sound defensive to me. Also Des/BD spins are classified as an offensive defensive mechanic (and therefore lockable by Frosttornado). If it wont be too strong than other classes have no good reason to QQ though.
  12. For warlock pvp, is there an essential hm skill(s) that you need and a certain hm lvl? How do you like warlock in pve? Fun rotation and mechanics? I would roll one mainly for pvp though, but I need to know how interesting they are in pve if I would need to go there a descent amount for hm lvls and hm techniques and gold, mats and gear upgrades. If they are similar to FM in pve in terms of fun rotation and mechanics, than i probably wont like it much in pve. I like the fm playstyle in pvp (hard but fun), but in pve dungeons its roughly apply dmg increases + burn and ani cancel blazing beam+ lmb+rmb. Not my idea of fun rotation and mechanics :P. The Frostsheath and veil to protect people is nice as I like to do that, but people can save themselfs, so its not essential or anything. Maybe it gets more fun with HM technique like Multiple blaze though (which I dont have). I wouldnt do much pve or none at all with FM if you would have your hm techniques unlocked by default in arena pvp or if I would be done farming the ones I want (havent got them yet though :P). Can I just lvl a warlock to 50 hm1 to pvp with, while not really needing any essential hm techniques or hm lvls?
  13. Impact block request buff?

    Spins do things that impact cant so it doesnt have to be a problem that impact would be able to do 0.5 sec projectile block and burn. During spins BD and Des can be immune to most cc. Their 0.5 sec deflect works on both melee and ranged attacks. They can remove snares with it, just to name a few things. Besides as said, one needs 3 chills and 5 embers to do burn and impact stuns so its not like the impact ability has it all in one. You combine other abilities with it. We could also make only the aoe 10m impact have the 0.5 sec projectile block buff suggestion on it and not the 16m single target burn one. That way you sacrifice longer ranged single target one, to get the shorter range 10m aoe 0.5sec projectile block + burn.
  14. variety on bangle designs

    I hope this thread gets noticed. More bangle ribbon looks and bangle ribbon bug fix please.