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  1. Farming this since 1 month on my KFM and no drop. I did it ONCE on my BM while levelling, was level 41, and it dropped. Did it ~10 times on my Destroyer right after hitting 45 and got it too. Appearently my KFM doesn't want to get it even if it fits the class so well. *cricket* it.
  2. Yeah I didn't mention these ones because they are exceptions. I was only stating the basics, knowing the few exceptions that cannot be blocked even tho it's a yellow or unmarked attack comes with practice and experience with the different bosses. King Kaari for example has a very powerful attack with no ground-mark that cannot be blocked, stuns you, deals a crapton of damage, and hits you again right after. If you get stunned the first time and don't use your tab escape to iframe the second hit, you're most likely gonna die unless you're a geared level 45 (which you're most likely not unless y
  3. In this game there is I'd say 3 types of attacks. Two of them can be blocked with your 1 skill. 1. The non-marked attacks : These are attacks with no ground indicators, so you have to carefuly look at the boss and learn its animations to anticipate this properly. 2. The yellow-marked attacks : Attacks with a yellow indicator on the ground, could be a circle, a square, a frontal cone etc... When it is yellow, it can be blocked. 3. The red-marked attacks : Attacks with a red indicator on the ground, looking a bit more threatening than their yellow counterpart. These ones cannot be
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