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  1. kfm are really weak

    Sorry but that's just not true at all. A weak class will stay weak against strong classes when fully mastered, it has nothing to do with its difficulty. A high difficulty class generally means that the class has a high learning curve, can feel very weak at the beginning but once mastered becomes as powerful as the other MASTERED classes (even the easier ones) or even MORE powerful most of the time. To answer the OP, KFM is one of the best classes in both PvE and PvP : Tons of very long iframes, the 6sec 100% evasion agility buff, it gives great DPS boosts to the whole party, has the highest burst-damage of all classes with the Warlock's Soulburn buff (awakened searing palm is atrociously powerful), has a lot of KDs and stuns so very good for joint attacks in case you need that for certain bosses, and has a high sustained personnal DPS while actively tanking. It's with no doubt the superior tanking class. In PvP, while very hard to master, has literally all the tools to counter most of the classes in the game except SIN which IS a real problem for us in arena, but KFM's PvP is almost entirely based on mindgame (the other part is being capable of doing that 3RF perfectly) so you can still beat even a very good SIN as a KFM. It's just very very hard. Pokey is definitely solo-able at level 16 as a KFM, I did it myself back in the days. Just pay attention to the eggs spawning under the boss before the adds; kill them fast (Comet Strike really helps for that early on) and the adds won't spawn. Pokey's attacks are really easy to dodge and counter.
  2. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    It makes sense since Jins are supposed to be the most populated race in the BnS world. They should even be able to pick FM since there is a ton of Jin FM NPCs and mobs, even "Onmyung the celestial force master" from the 8 masters is a Jin.
  3. What would your dream MMO be like?

    I don't have any example of games with the same graphic style as BnS, because it's quite original. What I meant by that is that BnS has some really old textures even at max settings and is anyway a dated game, at the date it came out in KR the latest nvidia graphic cards were in the GTX 400s or 500s area I believe (4 to 5 years ago). Today we just got the new 1000 series, so graphic possibilities have quite improved in terms of development. Just take a look at BDO, it's not the same style as BnS (much more realistic, which I tend to dislike since the real world is already realistic enough and I don't play a game to see realistic things) but the overall texture and various graphic effects quality is way better. I would love to see an improved BnS graphic style. The same very particular kinda anime-ish design, but with today's textures and effects. Just look at the hair textures in BnS. It looks more like plastic than actual hair. Some outfit also have a way lesser quality than others with shitty pixelated textures in the middle of well-made other textures. And the landscapes, while beautiful, when looked from closer distance appears to be composed of shitty pixelated textures as well most of the time. And I play at max quality so it's not on my end, BnS is a beautiful game thanks to its art, but the overall graphic quality is old. It's just a beautiful 5 years old game.
  4. What would your dream MMO be like?

    - Blade & Soul or TERA combat (love the fact that there is no RNG stats in Tera such as accuracy, evasion, block rate, etc... Accuracy = you have to aim properly, evasion = you have to dodge properly, block rate = you have to block properly. The only RNG stat is crit rate). - Blade & Soul graphic style but updated to current standards (so a lot more beautiful) - Interesting PvE content with various difficulty & reward dungeons, difficult raids (up to 10 man maybe ?), interesting mechanics, boss fights 12min+ long with different phases, the kind of endgame PvE you get in FFXIV for example. - Bring the holy trinity back ! but with possibility to choose the role you want with all classes like in WoW where a Paladin can choose between tank, heal and DPS, Warrior can choose between tank and DPS, etc... I think that the holy trinity is a must in order to build interesting PvE fights with engaging teamplay mechanics. No holy trinity means brainless fights with little to no mechanics and just dodge stuff and dps for everyone (hi BDO). - Different PvP modes, battlegrounds 20vs20, 15vs15, 10vs10, arena with 3vs3, 2vs2, 1vs1, different kind of battlegrounds, some with objectives, more based on strategy, and some based on just killing people. - Some kind of interesting and engaging open world PvP. - Fair end-game gearing up system. No overly heavy grind required, but maybe a token system with a weekly cap like you can find in FFXIV. Way to catch-up for new arriving players after many patches to prevent them from having to struggle doing old dated content to be able to do the current end game. - Distinction between PvP and PvE gear. PvP gear obtainable only with PvP, PvE gear obtainable only with PvE. This way, people who are just interested in PvP aren't forced to grind shitty-ass PvE to gear up, but their gear would be mostly based on PvP stats (such as bonus damage to other players, bonus defence against other players) which means that while their character would be powerful in PvP, they would be weak in PvE. But they shouldn't care since they don't want or even need PvE. Same for the PvE players; they'd get destroyed in PvP, but it's their choice to be PvE only players, and they shouldn't be forced to do PvP. The previously mentionned weekly cap idea could be used for PvP gear as well, permitting players who enjoy both playstyles to get both sets of gear, capping both PvP and PvE tokens every week (but would require more playtime to do so, obviously). - Obligation to travel out in the open world to the entrance of the dungeon you want to queue for, that way the open world of the game wouldn't just be a hub and the game wouldn't feel completely instanced like most MMOs do. Don't put too much teleports everywhere as well. Force people to meet eachother, to see the landscapes etc... Something like one teleport per zone should be enough, with mounts. - Some open world content (could take inspiration on FFXIV for treasure maps, hunts, gathering etc...), give people a reason to get out of towns and dungeons. Basically I'd take the best of some existing MMOs I loved (BnS, Tera, FFXIV, WoW) and mash everything up to make my perfect game. But it's just my taste !
  5. Question about upcoming Soul Fighter

    If you spec Ice Guard instead of Fighting Spirit you can evade everything. Soul Fighter's DPS is actually really really high (Higher than BD and Destro for sure, maybe not FM/SIN level tho) but it has no party utility outside of its very high healing and resurrect skill, which is only useful if you *cricket* up, so most of the time will be useless with experienced parties ; but won't be a burden, it just won't be optimal. Due to that, it's mostly popular as a PvP class but not really popular in PvE. But hey, PvE in BnS is far from being hardcore enough to make party composition any meaningful outside of wanting to speed the run up. If you like playing SF, just play it, if people don't want you in their parties because of that then find other people who will want you. If SF had a way to hold aggro it would be much more popular since they have all the survivability needed to actually tank anything, but can't hold aggro in order to fully utilize it in PvE. A real waste.
  6. A brief essay on artificial difficulty

    That's what esports is supposed to be anyway. Tournaments in a physical location with set computers, a public, commentators and all that stuff.
  7. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    This is the "optimized for combat" setting. While it doesn't change your texture slider, it visually affects the NPCs and other players' character models and make them look like a PS1 - PS2 game character. Uncheck "optimized for combat" and you'll see everything in good quality.
  8. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    Still can't decide on what hairstyle to choose between these two. Any opinions would be appreciated ! Full body shot :
  9. Jins can be FM since there is a crapton of Jin Force master NPCs and mobs in the game. We just don't have the option. But it makes sense since Jins are supposed to be the most versatile race in the lore. Also, I'd like to point out that Blade Cancers are supposedly a BM + FM mix, but Lyns can't be Blade master. On the other hand, Yun can be both Blade master and Force master, but they can't be Blade Cancer. You can even take the example of Juwol, the Gon Blade master, yet cricket cannot be a Gon Blade master. So I don't think there is any actual race/class restrictions in the lore of the game, it's just for cricket.
  10. I lol'ed

  11. Fire/searing palm stack build/ Wind 2rf build

    You only raise the damage of 5 other people in 6 man dungeons, which don't really need much DPS anyway. In 4 man, you raise the damage of 3 other people only, and it's not much since you just give them 10% more crit damage, which only matters when they crit (~50% of the time basically), and you already give this buff with the wind build, you just have a higher uptime on it with the fire build. So the gain of party-wide DPS with Searing Palm from wind to fire is almost completely negligible (+10% of something that has 50% chances to happen = 5%, but since wind already does that for half the amount of time in average, it's ~2.5% party-wide DPS increase if perfect Searing Palm uptime and assuming your allies all have 50% crit rate. You can individually increase this number for some classes that can increase their personnal crit rate like Destroyer; but it doesn't make that much of a difference and it's very specific cases). But it is worth mentionning since it IS an actual pro for the fire build. For your second point, I said in my post that the fire build was LESS reliant on crit rate than wind build, I don't see where you can disagree. I said it's a problem when you have a very low crit rate (when undergeared, fresh 50, new character, etc..), since you can sometimes literally get 5-6 Tiger Strikes and 0 crit, forcing you to spend time to LMB and lose a lot of DPS since you don't reduce your Searing Palm cooldown because you don't proc Searing Blow either. Crit IS important to both KFM builds, but I precisely said that fire build had less dependance to it. We're in agreement. You don't have to use Focused Fighting Spirit to reset Comet Strike's cooldown. Read the classic party-wide Fighting Spirit tooltip once again, it reduces Comet Strike's cooldown everytime a party member lands a hit on the boss, and on 4-6 man it takes less than 2sec for your party to land enough hits to completely reset its cooldown, and since the form 3 Comet Strike already resets one time on crit, you're completely able to do 4R4RFR4R4RFR during 10 seconds straight. Since with good gear you should be able to get more than 50% crit rate, Fighting Spirit makes you get almost 100% crit rate and if you just add stage 1 Searing Palm to that, you're at 100%. And RFRFRFRF is only while in Searing Palm stage 4 since you don't have Comet Strike resetting (Using Fighting Spirit and stage 4 Searing Palm at the same time is a DPS loss).
  12. Fire/searing palm stack build/ Wind 2rf build

    Depends on what you want. Wind build highly depends on perfect animation cancelling, very good ping, HM skills and critical hit rate, but once you have all of this it deals higher DPS than the fire build. The fire build makes up for this with the constant application of the searing palm debuff which increases the DPS of everyone. The fire build is also less flexible over the course of a fight since it very highly depends on Searing Palm, which means that if you *cricket* up or get screwed somewhere during the fight and can't reapply Searing Palm, you have to wait the CD (reducing it using Searing Blow, which also depends on crit, just like the wind build) in order to re-start a proper rotation, and during that time, your DPS sucks hard. With the wind build your main DPS comes from sustained raw damage with Cyclone Kick and quick burst periods with Searing Palm and Fighting Spirit, and if you *cricket* up Searing Palm, you don't lose as much DPS as with the fire build since you still have your main damage source available, Searing Palm just makes you burst higher for a short period of time (turns 2RFR2RFR into RFRFRFRF and 4R4RFR4R4RFR with Fighting Spirit and HM form 3 Comet Strike), making the wind build more flexible in any situation, but the fire build is very good too, they both have their pros and cons and are very balanced with each other. Basically, Wind : + More DPS since perfect ani-cancelling makes you hit faster with higher-damage attacks than the fire build (Searing Blow is very slow and deals shit damage compared to Cyclone) + Doesn't rely on Searing Palm that much, you still have very good DPS if you *cricket* it up or if the fight itself *cricket*s you up + No focus management (read basically unlimited focus), might struggle with very low crit rate but it's still not as bad as the fire build + Very rewarding and satisfying to play since it requires more skill than the fire build to be mastered because of all that ani-cancel thing you must be able to pull off constantly - Heavily relies on very very good and stable ping - Quite hard ani-cancelling that you HAVE to master to be efficient, if you can't/don't want to, go straight to fire build instead - Relies on high critical hit rate a little bit more than the fire build, but this con is not a problem with good gear - Relies on HM skills such as the LMB one (VERY VERY IMPORTANT) and Comet Strike one -but you also need this one for the fire build- - A lot less HP recovery Fire : + Sustained HP recovery with Tiger Strike + Doesn't rely on ani-cancelling since you can't make Tiger Strike spam faster with LMB (you'll even delay it) and if you cancel Searing Blow you'll actually lose DPS, so it's easy to master + Doesn't rely on crit rate as much as wind build for raw damage, but you'll still struggle with low crit rate because you'll have a very hard time maintaining focus if you can't Searing Blow, overall KFM is in need of crit rate whatever the route you decide to take + The DPS you lack is compensated by the crit damage buff you constantly give to your team mates with Searing Palm. You still give it with wind build but not for the whole fight, while the fire build is able to have it 100% of the time + A lot of fun to play even if it doesn't feel as satisfying and rewarding as the wind build. Searing Blow's animation is awesome and the mechanic of maintaining Searing Palm for the whole fight feels amazing + Better synergy with the Warlock's Soulburn buff, since your Awakened Searing Palm procs directly from Tiger Strike, whereas with the wind build it procs from Cyclone Kick. If you have a static group for PvE with a Warlock in it, you might consider playing the fire build because of this, it's really really good - Less raw personnal DPS, your damage comes slower than with the wind build - Terrible focus management, especially with low crit rate. If you don't crit at least 1 Tiger Strike out of 3 for Searing Blow, you're out of focus. Hellfire Kick, form 4 Iron Shoulder and Leading Palm can help for that but they all have CD and Iron Shoulder has a condition to activate. If you crit all the time tho your focus will be fine since you'll end up almost spamming Searing Blow, so this issue is alleviated with gear - The longer Searing Blow animation can sometimes make you lose even more DPS while tanking since you'll sometimes end up cancelling it early for a Counter, which sucks. Overall, fire build has less cons and more pros than the wind build, but they aren't about DPS (They are completely balanced DPS-wise if you take into account the superior Searing Palm debuff uptime from fire build). Fire build brings a very tiny bit more tankiness (and that's only IF you take damage, which shouldn't happen with Counter/Q/E/SS/C), a lot of fun, very nice looking animations, and a little bit more DPS to your team-mates at the cost of a little bit of yours. Wind build brings more challenge, more raw personnal damage output if you master it, more flexibility at the cost of a little bit less DPS to your team-mates and so much animation-cancelling that your character looks retarded while fighting instead of looking cool as *cricket* with the fire build (Cyclone Kick's animation is SICK but you never see it if you play properly because you cancel it so early that you don't even see the actual kick, you just do weird gestures all the time and it deals damage). I personally play both depending on my internet (when it's bad I instantly go fire build), but most of the time I use the wind build because I'm more used to it. Used to play KFM on other servers a while before EU launch and thinking about fire build was not even a thing back in the days so that's only because I'm an oldie. I see no reason to not play the fire build today if you're new to the class (and by new I mean, you only play since EU/NA launch), as much as I see no reason for you to not play the wind build. It only depends on what you prefer. But what I'm sure about is : If you wanna look cool while fighting efficiently, go fire build. Wind looks really retarded. If you don't care, you just have to choose the pros/cons you prefer. Hope it helped.
  13. Yeah I know you can make them look like Jins but you can't get rid of the very noticeable Yun idle and running animations. This CN video I posted earlier IS a Jin. I can even get you the Korean link of the said patch with Soulfighter Jin unlock if that's still not enough. It's 2 month old now.
  14. Here you got a very clear view of the Jin SF.
  15. Just check the character's idle pose. Yun have that totally unachievable-in-real-life stance, Jins have that very standard stance. Same for the running animation, Gon and Yun look overly girly while running compared to Jin. This IS a Jin with no doubt. Edit : Even the sprint animation tells you that it's a Jin, since Yun have that stupid Naruto running animation. Here the character just sprints normally.