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  1. Sorry but that's just not true at all. A weak class will stay weak against strong classes when fully mastered, it has nothing to do with its difficulty. A high difficulty class generally means that the class has a high learning curve, can feel very weak at the beginning but once mastered becomes as powerful as the other MASTERED classes (even the easier ones) or even MORE powerful most of the time. To answer the OP, KFM is one of the best classes in both PvE and PvP : Tons of very long iframes, the 6sec 100% evasion agility buff, it gives great DPS boosts to the whole party, has th
  2. It makes sense since Jins are supposed to be the most populated race in the BnS world. They should even be able to pick FM since there is a ton of Jin FM NPCs and mobs, even "Onmyung the celestial force master" from the 8 masters is a Jin.
  3. I don't have any example of games with the same graphic style as BnS, because it's quite original. What I meant by that is that BnS has some really old textures even at max settings and is anyway a dated game, at the date it came out in KR the latest nvidia graphic cards were in the GTX 400s or 500s area I believe (4 to 5 years ago). Today we just got the new 1000 series, so graphic possibilities have quite improved in terms of development. Just take a look at BDO, it's not the same style as BnS (much more realistic, which I tend to dislike since the real world is already realistic enough and
  4. - Blade & Soul or TERA combat (love the fact that there is no RNG stats in Tera such as accuracy, evasion, block rate, etc... Accuracy = you have to aim properly, evasion = you have to dodge properly, block rate = you have to block properly. The only RNG stat is crit rate). - Blade & Soul graphic style but updated to current standards (so a lot more beautiful) - Interesting PvE content with various difficulty & reward dungeons, difficult raids (up to 10 man maybe ?), interesting mechanics, boss fights 12min+ long with different phases, the kind of endgame PvE you get in F
  5. If you spec Ice Guard instead of Fighting Spirit you can evade everything. Soul Fighter's DPS is actually really really high (Higher than BD and Destro for sure, maybe not FM/SIN level tho) but it has no party utility outside of its very high healing and resurrect skill, which is only useful if you *cricket* up, so most of the time will be useless with experienced parties ; but won't be a burden, it just won't be optimal. Due to that, it's mostly popular as a PvP class but not really popular in PvE. But hey, PvE in BnS is far from being hardcore enough to make party composition any
  6. That's what esports is supposed to be anyway. Tournaments in a physical location with set computers, a public, commentators and all that stuff.
  7. This is the "optimized for combat" setting. While it doesn't change your texture slider, it visually affects the NPCs and other players' character models and make them look like a PS1 - PS2 game character. Uncheck "optimized for combat" and you'll see everything in good quality.
  8. Still can't decide on what hairstyle to choose between these two. Any opinions would be appreciated ! Full body shot :
  9. Jins can be FM since there is a crapton of Jin Force master NPCs and mobs in the game. We just don't have the option. But it makes sense since Jins are supposed to be the most versatile race in the lore. Also, I'd like to point out that Blade Cancers are supposedly a BM + FM mix, but Lyns can't be Blade master. On the other hand, Yun can be both Blade master and Force master, but they can't be Blade Cancer. You can even take the example of Juwol, the Gon Blade master, yet cricket cannot be a Gon Blade master. So I don't think there is any actual race/class restrictions in the lore of the game,
  10. You only raise the damage of 5 other people in 6 man dungeons, which don't really need much DPS anyway. In 4 man, you raise the damage of 3 other people only, and it's not much since you just give them 10% more crit damage, which only matters when they crit (~50% of the time basically), and you already give this buff with the wind build, you just have a higher uptime on it with the fire build. So the gain of party-wide DPS with Searing Palm from wind to fire is almost completely negligible (+10% of something that has 50% chances to happen = 5%, but since wind already does that for half the amo
  11. Depends on what you want. Wind build highly depends on perfect animation cancelling, very good ping, HM skills and critical hit rate, but once you have all of this it deals higher DPS than the fire build. The fire build makes up for this with the constant application of the searing palm debuff which increases the DPS of everyone. The fire build is also less flexible over the course of a fight since it very highly depends on Searing Palm, which means that if you *cricket* up or get screwed somewhere during the fight and can't reapply Searing Palm, you have to wait the CD (reducing i
  12. Yeah I know you can make them look like Jins but you can't get rid of the very noticeable Yun idle and running animations. This CN video I posted earlier IS a Jin. I can even get you the Korean link of the said patch with Soulfighter Jin unlock if that's still not enough. It's 2 month old now.
  13. Just check the character's idle pose. Yun have that totally unachievable-in-real-life stance, Jins have that very standard stance. Same for the running animation, Gon and Yun look overly girly while running compared to Jin. This IS a Jin with no doubt. Edit : Even the sprint animation tells you that it's a Jin, since Yun have that stupid Naruto running animation. Here the character just sprints normally.
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