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Why i'm fine with bots in pvp.

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Brand X   
7 hours ago, Cesura said:



I'd say roughly 70% of my 1v1 matches lately have been bots. No exaggeration. I hear complaints about them in 3v3s, but I honestly see them very rarely there. I see more AFKS, which I'm not entirely sure are bots or players. 


Most of the bots use destroyers and it's there's enough of them if you fight a destroyer, it's more likely you're fighting a bot than a human.


All that said, it also comes down to when you're playing. Play when more humans are on, you see far less bots. Play during off peak hours, then the bots outnumber the humans since they never need to log off. So if you're legitimately never seeing bots, you probably just play during peak times then, 


Bots tend to wear the starting outfit most of the time, but not always. I've commonly seen them with the golden deva outfit and pure evil outfit as well. 

They rarely use glamoured weapon skins though. A couple of the deva outfit bots had the axe skin to match though. 


Because I main a destoyer, it is VERY easy for me to recognize the playstyle pattern of bots as opposed to humans. 


There seem to be about 2-3 common bot attack patterns. 

But a few of the more obvious quirks of most bot patterns that a non desto player should be able to spot: 

1: They tend to swing the axe's lmb/autoattack horizontal swing for no reason when there is NOTHING near them to hit. Extra obvious when they're doing it over an already dead opponent. (...S-Shut up. I've lost one or two freak rounds to a bot, okay?) 


2. They pretty much use their red-buff on cooldown, including right when the fight starts. (It's really dumb to use it thoughtlessly, because it's something you use when you know your opponent is out of escapes and you're free to knock off half thier HP in one combo. But bots don't have the intelegence to time it wisely, so they just use it immediately and then skill spam)


3. Aside from Using red buff right at the start, I noticed a lot of bots also spinning or using searing strike (The axe skill with I-frames) as an opener before they've even moved over to you. It would counter people that move to attack the bot in the first 5 seconds of the fight, so if you stand still at the start of a fight for 3-5 seconds, and the destoyer blows an i-frame or pary move into thin air over on the other side of the arena, probably a bot. 


4. For some reason, they almost never use throw skills or grab finishers. They grab you and do nothing or tend to hit wedge sporadically. Note that they're likely intentionally programmed to do so because desto throw skills are telegraphed as hell and easy to punish with the grab counter skills, so a lot of human players tend to be stingy with them too in certain match-ups. But if they NEVER attempt them, and tend to stand still just holding you, it's a sign of a possible bot. They're also thoroughly incapable of timing chop to break throws (Though a lot of players are pretty bad at it anyways)  so when I'm playing my own destoyer and I get a good dozen free piledrives, bots become painfully obvious. 






Yup, haven't seen one yet and I admit I haven't done 100 rounds of 1 on 1 in a row.

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9 hours ago, Brand X said:

I keep hearing about bots in PvP, but I'm just not seeing them.  :p  Is this 3 on 3 where the bots are showing up?

You see them often in 1vs1 but 3vs3 is positively infested with them. 9/10 matches will have a bot or more on either side.


I got into a 3vs3 match that was me, 2 bots on my team and 3 bots on the opposite team....

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You know, these bots HELPED get my Misty Wood Faction kill done in minutes...I love them now so pPLEASE DON'T BAN THEM and KEEP THEM COMING FOR MORE....

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1 hour ago, Hongmoon said:

Nope. That would make everything else outrageously expensive. People are already crying about other people not upgrading, now imagine how no one can upgrade because they can't make money/ss fast enough while everything else skyrocketed because everything requires ss.

Nah, they could just change the SS pouch rates to offset it. 20 from the Misty dailies--still able to be sold on the market--+ maybe 40 for gold rank would be plenty per day, all the more if someone has multiple characters. People could still buy extras from the market if they like, but pouch rates could easily be adjusted higher to make an account-bound SS system work fine.

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