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  1. Suggestion: Latency Enhancement for Brazilians

    Latency is not the issue, a more direct server route would yield around 100-120ms pings which is perfectly playable in both PVP and PVE (reason why people in foreign countries turn to VPN services). Even if the client machine is several countries away from the host, a straight (or as straight as possible) route mitigates this enormously. You need to take some networking classes dude.
  2. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    Since the latest patch (when they specifically mentioned gameguard was re-enabled as it received "improvements") my ping spiked tremendously. I'm not located in the states but I still had a perfectly playable 150-180ping now it's on the order of 300-400 with massive packet drops and skips. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? and furthermore, has anyone found any viable solution to it?
  3. Error 4049

    Doing a file repair seems to fix it.
  4. Error 4049

    Same here, probably related to gameguard reactivation.
  5. Assassin With ~170 Ping

    I'm currently sitting at lvl 45 HM3 on my assassin. I play on a regular 180ms. PVE is perfectly doable. PVP I got to gold and I suspect getting to Plat will be pretty much impossible. It gets to a point in which the ping difference is just too much of a handicap. Your stuns are unreliable and can last anywhere between 1 and 0.5 seconds (of the intended 2) and you can pretty much forget about doing complex combos.
  6. It's no longer broken, you just have to farm 7 hours a day for who the *cricket* knows how long so you can get your skills to be on even ground with them.
  7. This game is pretty much dead. The new content may bring some people back but only for the time it takes them to complete it and realize it's pretty much the same thing they've been doing before only worse. It's a shame but really the NA team killed the game with their incompetence and mishandling of the plethora of problems they introduced: bots terrible balance in pvp gold spammers Every single "solution" they've implemented has only aggravated the userbase with gameguard not doing shit to curb the bot population, further messing with class balance and being as silent as possible with community managers that have almost less personality than bots...copy / pasting answers like a CS rep instead of addressing the concerns of their paying customers. I hope they can get it right by Silverfrost but I've 0 confidence in them.
  8. Delete all Soulstones from server DB

    The only viable solution is to actually thin the bot population and let the market regulate itself. No other crazy, thoughtless solution is going to work.
  9. Everything is just a grind now.

    It's a Korean game, what did you expect? The moment you realize you are on the treadmill is the right moment to stop playing.
  10. Why i'm fine with bots in pvp.

    You see them often in 1vs1 but 3vs3 is positively infested with them. 9/10 matches will have a bot or more on either side. I got into a 3vs3 match that was me, 2 bots on my team and 3 bots on the opposite team....
  11. Do something about the BOTs

    I'd like my money back in that case XD
  12. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    I won't bother, not really. When I started the game I thought pvp would be interesting when it finally attained some semblance of balance but after seeing the actual development team behind the NA release I completely lost faith. I only do pvp for the stones but thanks to the bots those will be worthless pretty soon. So I don't really have any incentive to pvp for anything other than daily quests and even then I don't really have any incentive to win either. The macros are just icing on a bot filled cake of impunity. You really can do whatever you want and not get banned. Obviously those macros should not be allowed, but you can't fault people for taking advantage of a loophole caused by incompetent developers.
  13. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    The actual problem comes when you can easily setup a macro to do it for you. And then you have destroyers on the arena melting people in 2 seconds.
  14. Bots are still everywhere in pvp

    Yes, they are.
  15. Bots are still everywhere in pvp

    If you deployed patched code for a bug you found it doesn't take any "time" for it to start taking effect. While this is not a bug specifically, we should be seeing substantially less bots at the beginning of the patch cycle. As it stands I'm seeing the same or more bots which leads me to believe that A)They did nothing or B)Whatever they did is not working.