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  1. For me i spinned on different wheel. I use the one on Grand Harvest (moonstone valor stone spin), I keep getting the failed ticket, silverstone, silver coin both version and there are 8 slots on the wheel but only 4 items in loot table?, same for wheel of mist forture in front of NSH...Spinned 600 times got 19 invitations, 24 silver coins, 3 siren emblems out of 600 spins and 3 items from 8 slots machine.....
  2. I don't have connection issue but I do know after exit BnS i can't login my FFXIV or D3 right away, I have to wait 2 mins or so to able to do that, i will get login error if I don't wait. Also, I monitor my rig cooling system from game to game and for sure it's run hotter with BnS.
  3. It's GameGuard still in effect...it's good to block everything but allow Bots and Hackers do whatever in game.
  4. You know, alot of this game costume having some kind of fabric. leather strip on the back...look sutpid for the most part and clipping issue since you have to stare at your character back all day long.
  5. Show fine on my end on both max or lowest setting, the only think annoying me are those2 back leather strips clipped in to my Jin legs.
  6. Any mobs with a charge ability will got bug out with WL #2 skill, they just reset and if you close enough they will reset then aggro you after your skill in CD = you're doom!
  7. Submit a ticket to their technical/support department. If forum Mod care about this they already reply this concern to their team, keep bumping this post up won't do anything :P
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