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Weekly Livestream: Unchained Q&A - 03.03.2016


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For the complete livestream, watch the VOD: http://www.twitch.tv/bladeandsoul/v/52185263


Here are the highlights:


00:08:04 We have a sale on older costumes. Those costumes will then be retired from the store after the sale.


00:09:27 Level a character from below 10 to 45 in the next 3 weeks and get bonus items for your account, including a costume. 


00:11:20 Don’t forget to collect your free character slot by visiting the Hongmoon Store by purchasing the item for 0 NCoin.


00:11:55 Julianne has all the NCoin.


00:13:37 The Soul Slot - How to gain 10 Attack Power by farming Naryu Labyrinth.


00:14:50 How handsome are the NPCs?


00:18:09 Harvesting in-game costumes for fabric.


00:18:50 Optimization – Each region is unique and the team is collecting information on what works. Each patch has optimization updates and is continually improving. Next one may be in a couple of weeks, it’s up to Dev team.


00:20:15 Hajoon’s training quests now give more silver.

00:21:50 What’s up with the loot in Naryu? This is how the dungeon was originally designed, except legendaries that we removed currently.


00:23:50 Thrall is a summon, not a pet. You have to direct it, command it.


00:25:20 If banned for RMT Spam OR third party programs please submit a ticket for appeals. Support will review your case.


00:29:00 Will players have a chance to run content with GMs/CMs? We want to do this! It’s always fun, maybe 3v3s as well.


00:30:45 Server Change is still being worked on, it’s close but no ETA.


00:32:40 We do not support modding characters or clients, you may be picked up in a ban wave for this.


00:35:22 The Love costume will be coming around the 14th of March


00:37:11 Bethany likes male love, so...


00:38:40 Yura hair will not be available for players, there is a Yura costume available in a future update. 


00:39:25 Temptation Outfit will be available at some point after the leveling event.


00:41:56 Survey Time with Julianne - Julianne helps improve the game with her feedback.


00.44.23 Where is Jonathan? Locked in a wardrobe oiling his biceps.


00:45:50 We’re not ready to talk about the next new class yet.


00:47:10 Account bound costumes? This is being worked on but we have no ETA. Hopefully ‘soon’.


00:47:45 Can’t tell you just yet when lvl 50 content will come but key an eye out for our promotions on the website. Another ‘soon’.


00:48:40 Costume rotations is every two weeks on Friday mornings PST and sometimes new things get added on Wednesday.


00:50:05 Mushin is hard. We’re always tuning based on data and feedback, but it’s meant to be challenging.


00:51:35 What are plans for dealing with bots in 3v3 and afk in dungeons? We’ve talked about this a lot, we did a huge bot ban over the weekend, we’re constantly working on this as a top issue. Vote kick is a difficult issue, has potential for even worse abuse. Master loot issue has been solved.


00:54:50 Macros - general rule is that if you are simulating more than one key press you are substituting skill for automation, and that’s not cool. Button reassignment is fine.


00:58:02 HAJOOOON!


00:58:15 Hello Kitty license does not apply to NCWest.


00:59:40 Any more holiday outfits? Summer themed, Christmas, Halloween, are all likely.


01:00:35 No updates on Oceanic servers.


01:02:16 Daily Dash/Night Luna and Regium Corvus/Bamboo Costume. Looking for a good way to make this available.


01:10:16 Bethany is a winner!


01:10:50 Hongmoon level increase has not been announced yet.


01:11:12 Will the winter costumes come back? It’s possible, we haven’t planned that far ahead.


01:12:07 Will the minimum spec ever change? If you’re having technical problems you can contact Technical Support through Customer Support, you can also check on the forums to see if other players have had the same issue.


01:13:28 Will there be any other PvP game modes or scenarios? 20v20 etc? There are future content releases coming, not ready to talk about it.


01:14:05 Are we fixing the inventory is full issue? It’s annoying but it’s not high on the priority list for fixes.


01:14:39 When is the next part of the main story coming? The next step is Silverfrost Mountains and we’re not ready to talk about that yet. Another ‘soon’.


01:15:22 No mail to alts as F2P/Cross server mail. We’re looking into this.


01:16:30 New races? No plans right now.


01:18:12 Red Gangplank Hair is not in game.


01:19:23 SweetFX and programs like it shouldn’t be a problem, but we don’t officially support them.


01:19:45 Wardrobe will stay tied to Premium right now.


01:23:35 We’re pushing hard to get spectator mode in, no ETA yet.


01:26:00 Arena Lag is not a consistent experience, we recommend you contact Customer Support as there are many reasons you could be experiencing high latency. We are looking into it and we’re gathering information.


01:30:05 Raid party size or content is not planned.


01:30:20 Tips for new players: Have fun and play what you like!


01:32:43 Blade & Soul sponsored tournament? We are waiting until we feel we are on an even footing with other regions in terms of content and skill builds, then we will be looking at official tournaments etc


01:35:40 Still no plans to introduce additional voice packs in the game.


01:40:27 Would you call the Admiral and man or a woman?

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