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Dreadtide Arena drop rate


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Hi all.


I belive this is an Issue that most of us are having a relationship with xD


while I'm tottaly Pro farming and Achivment farming I have to say that this particular dungeon and his achievment are a bit...off.

Some of us here have gone through almost 100+ runs and had hard time seeing that infinite challenge outfit at all our get it after a VERY large amoung of run, whilke the drop rate is low and based on RNG, I think htis particuler one needs a little...well boosting. so we can at least farm it and not lose our minds in the process. som,e might say "quit bitching" or "It's normal your luck is just shitty". I totally understand your point of view but, make no mistake I'm not complainning. I'm merely suggesting a reasonable solution to an issue I seen some people to run into.


Hope some NC officals see's this. and if not I hope some of you here share my opinion.

thank you for you time^^

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