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Warlock feels clunky


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In preparation for this class I've spent a good deal of looking at videos. I was left with the impression that the class is fluid.
To my surprise It feel the class really clunky.


Now I do not know if these are issues with skills or skill descriptions OR just a l2p problem so feedback is highly encouraged (feel free to school me :D)

Tho I do see people confused about this class skill descriptions.


As some have already pointed out, Dimensional Volley is a bit weird.



The Rupture(F) ability, seems to require careful planning. If you use Mantra while Rupture is active it will negate it, requiring a new activation of the prerequisites of the Rupture skill.
Because of this you cannot alternate RMB/LMB and hit F then insta cast RMB (actually you can but Mantra has to be on cooldown)


Rupture activation is a bit slow. With spamming RMB, even if I spam F, Rupture will only activate after the second RMB. Please take note I have  < 50 ping.
This never happens on FM with F skill.


My biggest surprise was that you cannot block (Quell) while moving. Biggest let down for me. I was hoping I'd finally get to stop the endless bunny hopping that make me nauseous.


Just having to sit there not doing any DPS while waiting for the last cast of Imprison...


I this generally how the class is, even at level 45? I mean I feel like I am driving a car with square wheels.


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The game doesn't need another class that plays like an FM or a Summoner, because people can just roll FMs and Summoners if that's what they want.  It's not just a re-skin with lucky tickets flying around.


Personally I find it pretty easy to keep moving, and that's after having maxxed+ both FM and summoner.  But it's definitely different.  


As for Rupture, while it's nice DPS, you don't really *need* it all the time while questing.   Crits might seem precious when you're at 30% crit rate, but once you get more crit, it'll pop up all the time.  At T3 you can spec it to be available for a slightly longer period than .8 seconds if you want.

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I'll answer the dimensional volley question since I see many Locks spamming it like Rupture.  It's not meant to be spammed to get good dps.  In fact you press it, usually I'll press LMB and the press RMB again (you'll see that you "absorb" making the next time you press RMB far more powerful).  


As as for the warlock vs force master thing, warlock is way more squishy.  Force master is mobile and has much better defense because of ice skills.  Warlock is a lot more tactical, carefully thinking of what's the best way to proceed before doing it.  Plus you're button pressing is a lot more effective when it's timed, unlike the force master play style where you can literally spam abilities.  


Im lvl 26 and I enjoy warlocks play style a lot.  It's totally different from force master which is cool.  It is a lot hard to do some things because of it though and you'll want to invest in some self healing for sure.  Overall I like each class for how they play, but going from button Mashing to careful timing will take time.  

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