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  1. Dochun, Junghado and of course Yu Chun. But don't forget about the Lycandi NPCs. <3
  2. Senpai will make a tutorial soon. :3
  3. My FM's little brother. /o/ This gif cracks me up. XD
  4. I played few matches today and actually had to come up with tactics against certain classes. Such wow. Summoner is not a braindead class as some players claim. I like it, though. So far only KFMs give me cancer. xP
  5. I would like to know also. Usually I spam everything without even thinking, but I also save my cat's CCs for situations when I get grappled or dazed. Very handful and life saving. I had some issues with Warlocks, though. Didn't play against a decent one, because those I played against always wasted their escapes when my cat used CC. Easy to just knock them down after and grapple. :v
  6. Senpai has noticed you. I might do a tutorial if more people are interested. xD
  7. Finally made a KFM. Also made some gifs, because questing can wait.
  8. He doesn't seem to enjoy it. xD *poker face*
  9. I find Yuns ugly, but this one is sooooo pretty. *steals*
  10. My CBT baby is back. #teamshota
  11. Deleted my Assassin and turned her into Warlock. I fell in love with her, I couldn't help it. She's an evil jewel hunter. XD I might buy her the Empress dress. Looks amazing.
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