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  1. Returning player

    Ahh, I see. Thank you~ Helped a lot. :3
  2. Returning player

    Yeah, I do. Don't remember the name, but it was some kind of big bear that wanders alone. XD Oh well. Just wanna make sure if there is no way to skip the wep upgrades? If not, then oh well, gotta wait and craft some stones.
  3. Returning player

    FM. Not sure why I get owned. Maybe those are some elite monsters, no clue. I have them in a normal daily quest. D:
  4. Returning player

    Yeah, but doing quests is a pain in the ass. It takes me few minutes to kill one monster and I'm near death all the time. XD
  5. Returning player

    I've been absent for few months and currently I have no idea what to do except main scenario quests. My problem is that my current weapon is True Profane and it seems to suck very much, 'cause monsters of lower level than me pretty much own me. x) I'm lvl 48 currently. I wanted to hit 50 asap and do stuff for the event tokens, but I guess it's a waste of time, won't get the costume. D: Idk if I should keep upgrading my current weapon or is there a way to skip upgrading and get a better one? Haaalp.
  6. Really? You are butthurt over this? Lolz. I actually support NCSoft on this one.
  7. No Need to Rush on Gear

    1k SS for 20g? I NEED THIS.
  8. Show off your characters!!

    I need to stop posting.
  9. TT Event, Anything Good 4 No Pay?

    So far nothing good. I'm not getting my hopes up.
  10. Dochun, Junghado and of course Yu Chun. But don't forget about the Lycandi NPCs. <3
  11. Show off your characters!!

    Senpai will make a tutorial soon. :3
  12. Show off your characters!!

    My FM's little brother. /o/ This gif cracks me up. XD
  13. Spring Treasure trove

    I was hoping for a fun event, but nah... Maybe next time. =_=
  14. Spring Treasure trove

    100 items. Healing Tonics incoming.