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Dimensional Volley Broken?

The Silver King

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Am I misreading something, or is Dimensional Volley not working as intended? The way it reads, it sounds like it should be a three right click combo. Going Dimensional Volley -> Dimensional Charge -> Dimensional Salvo. But right now, after you use Volley, it chains to Charge...then nothing. Alternatively, if you use Volley, then wait a second, Charge turns into Salvo...so which way is the intended way of working?

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Yeah it is really poor translation.  Our skill says "Additional hits are available with charges", and the BNStree translation says "Dimensional Charge or Dimensional Salvo can be used on use depending on charge time"

Our skillbook says charge available after volley, and salvo available after charge for 1 sec.  This is misleading, as they are trying to say, salvo is available after 1 second, if you don't use charge.  The BNStree explains the choice between the two better:


Dimensional Charge can be used on use

Dimensional Salvo can be used after 1 sec


And to top it off, our skill book calls is salvo and nomad in the same tooltip :C


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