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Weapons and Accessories?


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im level 45 hm 1 FM and i am in some situation that is confusing, i have got upto the stage on my bangle where i need a "Hujkar" bangle and its going to cost me 2 gold and 30 silver to upgrade, plus i need to get a cinderlands transformation stone, that bangle is lv 40 required im just wondering if leaving your weapons and accessories to last minute do they cost more to upgrade them at a higher level than there required or is that the price it should be anyway? because it was one of my first characters and i didn't really understand the upgrading ect, so if someone would be kind enough to tell me if that price should be like that or am i too high of a level so it expects me to pay that much idk :/

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14 minutes ago, ChiisaiRyuu said:

Ahhh so it should cost 2 gold at my lv still?

The only things which would change the cost would be if you're in a clan which has a decrease in cost for upgrading, or premium ranks giving a slight cost reduction for upgrading.

Now for leveling it to the point of a breakthrough in the future you'll want to use elements not weapons and such.

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