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[guide request] vs KFM bots


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Did someone find a good way to beat the super saiyan mode kfm bots i am struggling too much against them around 1850.. i usually have no trouble against real kfms but these just destroy me. I can cheese destroyer bots easily with summoner/pve build but that doesnt work on kfm bots as they jump your a$$ in invis if you dare to poke them

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All bots can easily be detected as they only run towards you, never to the sides, never jump, never glide, rotate while incapacitated.

This KFM bot is a nightmare, he gets you into combat ASAP with his blue buff, and uses counters, Q, E, SS, ground counters, grab counters so getting him to burn tab is extremelly hard. He also uses triple kick when you counter and RMB when you use SS so unintentionally tech chases. This fact alone alows him to roll over lower gold players.

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for me...

initial start I use flower + smoke screen = invisi mode..

shuriken his shit out, stay away a bit... and throw poison bomb

rinse refresh..

I DO NOT try to combo him coz he will retaliate too much..

also spec your spine tap so you get pierce defense/parry when u get close

works like a charm!

stun hide and poison :D

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