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  1. Skill points in arena

    this is exactly why this game cannot be fun competitive game for masses, most working/studying gamers just dont have that much time to do old school korean grind. lots of my old guildies, looking for a good pvp game just couldnt stomach the mmo part of it. I know the devs are trying to make the game pve/pvp centric to keep it loyal to lore but... they should have just made a system like Guild Wars 1 did, in which you can create PVE/PVP (normal) characters and PVP only characters that can only exist in lobby style small instances and guild halls but have access to all skills and variety easily.
  2. Fail Spinal Tap >.>

    Next time that happens to you, please check if the enemy is knocked down while you want to stun them with spinal tap. Because there is a hidden mechanic with spinal tap. It can not be used against kd/webbed targets, makes sense as the enemy lies on their spine while kded :p
  3. Increased Ping after new patch?

    the pattern is already clearly present to the players, when they shut down Game Guard, the input delay vanishes. When they put back the gameguard it just destroys the gameplay. I smash the pve-build opponents (summoner, warlock, fm) with my sin but struggle heavily against ping reliant opponents like bd,bm,destroyers and even our cheese match up kfms. I can't prolong the combos with my close shave because the intrinsic delay on skills makes it impossible to follow up with chain combos. This was not the case before game guard i could swiftly pull the combos. And this is not just me. This kills ALL the fun of the game. I am playing this game for Arena (stopped pveing after i got my hm block) and now it is unplayable. NCSOFT YOU **** ******* ****** ***** **** SHUT THE ******* GAME GUARD DOWN ******
  4. Thank you for listening to the community and not shutting the game guard down. Now my ping and delay is somewhat doubled in arena making it even more unplayable which is so great. This is geniuenly good though; more ping and unresponsive gameplay for the 80% of the playerbase will bring lots of new players and make the current players purchase 1 year sub. I think you should even add intrinsic delay to the game servers that log in outside of Honululu, for example like 750ms as constant added delay sounds good. Because right now it is impossible to do a Tab+4stun combo as a sin so if you increase the delay by a constant amount it will be even more unplayable. And more unplayabilty means more fun. Everybody was asking for this in forums in the last 4 weeks so thanks again for listening. Also game guard is such an amazing tool to balance the pvp, last season where the gameguard was shut down the bots struggled so hard to climb above high gold because the players had really nice low ping and could destroy most bots easily. Thanks to you, activating gameguard, the bots could reach mid plat. This is a perfect way to balance bots and players. Only because they are just scripts on some insecure kid's basement PC doesn't make them less human than us. I really appriciate your sense of equality on the topic of Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. I hope you will promote botting and add pvp scripts to hongmoon store for those kids to purchase and KFM bots to RNG Boxes. A good competitve pvp mmo as advertised. High Ping, Insane delay, Memory Leak every 8 matches. Positive Discrimination on Bots. RNG boxes. PVE classes in a action/combo game. A legendary combat that works while watching korean/tw/ch players on youtube. Your awesome reputation preceeds you. We have waiting so long for this ame to come to EU/NA and i am so happy to see you fulfill your worth as a company. You guys are the only corporation in gaming industry that makes me cringe which is the new trend on youtube so i guess kudos to you fopr following the trends too. (this fps bug used to be triggered every 20 match, now the insane 8 matches is amazing improvement too)
  5. Ok so arena was a alternative mushin tower pve experience for the last couple months with added hacking. It wasnt fun but at least we could outsmart the bots and have our way with it. But now nocd flower,root,resist spamming non-bot hacker summoners that farm on night bots dominate arena. I am certain that this causes lag and frame drop for the other player too. Everytime i encounter a hacker that uses auto aim and nocd like hacks, my frame drops to 10 during the matches (settings on "optimised" for combat), which was usually 40-70. And now, it stopped being fun at all. This is without a doubt the most disgusting experience i have ever had in my last 25 years. I mean as a whole, the way ncsoft handles this matter just ughhh.. You are already playing with a braindead faceroll summoner yet still you are insecure enough to use hacks. This is like cuckolding your wife to Mandingo after having a surgery to increase the size of your *cricket* from 2cm to 40cm
  6. Hacking bladedancers now?

    i can confirm as one of the BDs i encountered turned on my sin web, <3 Bots & Summoners
  7. Best classes at lv50?

    Jaesung said currently Top tier in KR arena is [KFM, Destroyer, Sin].
  8. getting plat with a summoner only confirms that your basic motor skills are not lethally impaired
  9. Great... I have encountered a whole new scripted bot destroyer that crushed me easily. This new bot charges you on invis non stop and start red spin after your Q frames and wreck you just like a KFM bot. Damn man normal destroyer bots were unfun but at least we could kill those easily. I think NCSOFT should release an official API for botting so people can hone their AI scripting skills in the arena because you know normal players are a minority now?
  10. Did someone find a good way to beat the super saiyan mode kfm bots i am struggling too much against them around 1850.. i usually have no trouble against real kfms but these just destroy me. I can cheese destroyer bots easily with summoner/pve build but that doesnt work on kfm bots as they jump your a$$ in invis if you dare to poke them
  11. So 1 sometimes not working is not intended

    it has a multiple bugs that can occur on multiple situations and i think it still is buggy in the lastest KR version so there is virtually %0 chance that we will get a fixed infiltrate. 1- sometimes when you use 1 and you see yourself turn invis successfully, the enemy turns back after you go invis and suddenly your invis drops. 2- after you use your tab swap on opponents, sometimes you just cannot use your 1 because the server doesnt not update your swapped location, this also happens everytime if you use your 1 too quickly after tab swapping. 3- sometimes infiltrate just doesnt work --- i did some testing with the razor synapse macros, constant spamming 1 with 50ms doesnt make those bugs dissappear. Though dunno if its just me but using 1 after jumping in midair without pressing any other buttons (incl. WASD) tend to stabilize the invis proc chance and seems to reduce the chance of enemy discovering you.
  12. do you seriously think that your bot reporting UI is sufficient since we risk getting killed by the bot while trying to report through the worst UX possible... The names top of the arena ui must be clickable like a player too so that we can report safely during the round break... Or is there a super hidden way to report bots? Actually you should put a single button to report them as %50 of my pvp experience is bots around 1800~rating, the other %40 is Summoners and %8 childish b.dancers, %2 rest. As a sin, I feel like i am doing a better scripted mushin tower with worse rewards.
  13. Sin LMB RMB ani-canceling?

    Ok we sins have two main ani-cancels right now, in-stealth => RMB->F out-of-stealth => LMB->RMB --------- -As you probably already know we need at 4 points in H.stab's 1st form to do it effectively. -I advise start training on dummies or piggies east of hogshead hamlet. -I also suggest training with a metronome :P --------- The trick with ani canceling is knowing which animation you have to cancel. Your heart stab is instant cast so you have to use that skill to cancel your Mist Slash (LMB) which has a non-instant animation. But simply alternating both key strokes doesnt trigger a true ani-cancel combo. The alternating key strokes are repeated in a dual manner. Let's call a dual keystroke => (LBM+RMB) So lets say you have 2 sec stun window to ani-cancel your opponent: Wrong approach is: Timeline : 0sec--------0.5sec--------1.0sec--------1.5sec--------2.0sec LMB -> RMB -> LMB -> RMB -> Problem: pressing each skill 0.5sec apart will somewhat cancel LMB's animation but it can be cancelled much much more earlier. Better approach: Timeline : 0sec--------0.5sec--------1.0sec--------1.5sec--------2.0sec LMB->RMB -> LBM->RMB -> LBM->RMB Difference: pressing each dual keystroke in much quicker succession but leaving a longer time apart between each dual keystrokes. Ping Factor and first hit delay: How ping improves or stabilizes your ani-cancel is related to how late the game server detects the first key stroke that starts the combo. For the LBM-RMB combo it doesnt really matter because you almost always send a previous keystroke to the server before starting your combo (ex: poison breath in pve or spinal tap in pvp) But for the RMB-F combo usually first strike is RMB which is the instant cast skill and F is the skill you want it's animation cancelled. So ultimately RMB->F is actually: F->RMB. Example: Timeline : 0sec--------0.5sec--------1.0sec--------1.5sec--------2.0sec RMB -> F->RMB -> F->RMB -> F->RMB This is the most ping reliant part of anicancel for sins. But you can make it consistent enough by training and finding your own pace. IMPORTANT: Mouse clicks have an internal ~.2sec delay for the engine that BNS uses as far as i know so binding contextual 2(RMB's name in options) to a keyboard button makes it a lot easier to pull off. But yea you can train yourself to do it with mouse nonetheless. Hitting keys close to speed of light does not help unless you send the perfect timing and order to the server. ________Timing >> Speed _________
  14. What do you imply man Summoners are underpowered they need a second cat and passive 10x damage bonus. As you can clearly see 2nd dude isnt a summoner. /Thread - NCSoft stop milking money from fotm-kids and release the lvl50 patch already for the sake of balance.
  15. Failed to connect to server

    same problem -.-, can anyone log in r8 now?