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  1. this is exactly why this game cannot be fun competitive game for masses, most working/studying gamers just dont have that much time to do old school korean grind. lots of my old guildies, looking for a good pvp game just couldnt stomach the mmo part of it. I know the devs are trying to make the game pve/pvp centric to keep it loyal to lore but... they should have just made a system like Guild Wars 1 did, in which you can create PVE/PVP (normal) characters and PVP only characters that can only exist in lobby style small instances and guild halls but have access to all skil
  2. Next time that happens to you, please check if the enemy is knocked down while you want to stun them with spinal tap. Because there is a hidden mechanic with spinal tap. It can not be used against kd/webbed targets, makes sense as the enemy lies on their spine while kded :p
  3. the pattern is already clearly present to the players, when they shut down Game Guard, the input delay vanishes. When they put back the gameguard it just destroys the gameplay. I smash the pve-build opponents (summoner, warlock, fm) with my sin but struggle heavily against ping reliant opponents like bd,bm,destroyers and even our cheese match up kfms. I can't prolong the combos with my close shave because the intrinsic delay on skills makes it impossible to follow up with chain combos. This was not the case before game guard i could swiftly pull the combos. And this is not just me. This kills
  4. Thank you for listening to the community and not shutting the game guard down. Now my ping and delay is somewhat doubled in arena making it even more unplayable which is so great. This is geniuenly good though; more ping and unresponsive gameplay for the 80% of the playerbase will bring lots of new players and make the current players purchase 1 year sub. I think you should even add intrinsic delay to the game servers that log in outside of Honululu, for example like 750ms as constant added delay sounds good. Because right now it is impossible to do a Tab+4stun combo as a sin
  5. i can confirm as one of the BDs i encountered turned on my sin web, <3 Bots & Summoners
  6. same problem -.-, can anyone log in r8 now?
  7. I think Shadow Drain build is a lot more consistent against summoners compared to 1 for unconsciousness, just go invis with your tools running around waiting for the summoner to waste 2 of her aoe ground spells than rush in RBM + F her ass to the ground.
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