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  1. FPS issues. Need advice on computer setup

    Just to add, I have the same set-up (i5 6600K + 16GB DDR4) and it doesn't help a thing on this server... I said in this server coz on TW and other regions ITS AWESOME!!! 30+ is my lowest and here in NA I go under 15.... how bad is their servers? just compare them to other regions... I just like to play in NA for the ping thing~
  2. Server Wide Disconnect...AGAIN!

    Community : What are you doing to improve game play and server stability? NCsoft : Ah.. Um... WE ARE RELEASING A NEW UPDATE SOON! Check back to our live stream of the upcoming patch and events. End of discussion.
  3. Are you Gonna fix this game or what???????

    I didn't read much of the post but on the basic idea of it, Yes, they need to fix something on this game's "FPS issues" I haven't played much since last few patches was too fast for me to catch up. Weird thing is that I never get to have these problems before and I logged on my TW BnS just for comparison on "FPS drops" minimum I get is 30+ FPS, I would stay there but my ping on NA is 50ms :D
  4. Review Time/Rant

    lol ever since Daily challenge started I never got above 1G reward. EVER since it started. (1 week of really bad RNG and no GOLD every day) didn't read all what OP said just saw that and had to comment. I don't remember how long it's been since DC started but you only had to do it for 4 weeks and comparing to me it's GG lol peace out.
  5. Screen shaking effect, please make it stop!

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this gonna help but I don't notice this much when I get my camera set a bit far. I play with a large monitor too and moves a lot, if I'm on a stationary position (WL/SF range mode) I notice them more. My melee's gets it more (BM/Sin) but as I said the farther my camera is the less shaking I can notice. Maybe it's just me, but who knows might help rid those headache Camera distance atm is 350 O_O..
  6. Character Profile Picture

    chill pill needed here
  7. Character Profile Picture

    Wished there was a way to put up "your own drawing" APPROPRIATE drawings
  8. I have two Hongmoon pellets available.. anyone interested PM Natsume / Mail if I'm offline with that char (Clan Lead) Price : PM me your Price and if it is nice then I will respond PM / Mail me (in-game) Natsume or Cue
  9. Crash Crash and Crash

    Same issue, anywhere anytime sudden crash and lag spike~(freezing screen for like 0.5s - 1s) including skill delays.. 16GB ram i5 6600K R9 390 card never had this issue pre-patch (latest patch) can do BW at 45-70 FPS max settings but with CTRL+F now I can't even go GHS / SSP lol
  10. Please use Time Bomb...

    I use them everytime :D specially PvE when I'm on stealth mode 24/7 :D:D
  11. [guide request] vs KFM bots

    for me... initial start I use flower + smoke screen = invisi mode.. shuriken his shit out, stay away a bit... and throw poison bomb rinse refresh.. I DO NOT try to combo him coz he will retaliate too much.. also spec your spine tap so you get pierce defense/parry when u get close works like a charm! stun hide and poison :D
  12. Please use Time Bomb...

    I use them everytime :D specially PvE when I'm on stealth mode 24/7 :D:D
  13. wtf is wrong with PVP?

    not really.. some legit players turn too its kinda a bug thing i think.. even when I watched some KR vids while being stunned/dazed/webbed they kinda turn a bit too..
  14. Lag and Disconnects

    Tried searching and seemed I couldn't find anything related to my concern. (If there was sorry for posting again, just not searching enough I think) Was playing last night and this morning and it seemed that I kept getting this weird 'spikes' that render my character unable to use any skills, tested my net speed / ping on server everything was normal.. but I kept getting this LAG effect that I can literally run across the map and then some enemies can damage me while running and then suddenly I get DCd and when I come back I'm of course dead. so any of you experiencing this? Happening all the time since yesterday. from Toronto, normal 'ping' is 50-60ms... Tried WTFast nothing changed. Net provider: Rogers (Q_Q) sucks ikr..
  15. Summoners are BROKEN

    I got two chars... BM and summoner on separate accounts, I get my misty woods daily with my 8yr old daughter playing the summoner easily.. even the kill 10 enemy players everyday... just roaming around,, YES a kid can play and WIN with a summoner button mashing.. P.S. I hooked the PC with a controller for easier use. Added filters and hides chat to and keep hoping no one swears while playing.. this just shows how easy to play summoner is but not OP just EASY