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  1. Hongmoon Huricane

    Hi, in Silverfrost expansion we will most likely be getting HM version of our regular TAB. There are two versions of this skill worthwhile for PvP, F1T5 and F3T5. However its not clear how the changes work: * What the new effect Removes Snares does that Removes Snares on use doesn't for F1T5. How does this would interract with Warlock snares that gets reapplied continously. * Remove charge disable on deflect and reduce cooldown of ram for F3T5 - I guess this evolution is supposed to counter FM. * How much the 400% defense actually reduces damage, its the same effect on HM Emberstomp. 80% increased speed and increased AoE range on F1T5 seem tempting but classes it would be good against, warlock and summoners have charge disables that will need to be dealt with by taking F3T5.
  2. AFK/Bots - NC hates their players

    NCSoft is a company that basically created gold farming industry with Lineage and Lineage II. Somehow they still create MMOs that supports this industry. Its either incompetence or collaboration.
  3. Any point in pvping now?

    None, I am close to calling it quits on PvP. Now destro bots somehow rotate your character when they grab you so you cannot counter grab at all with 2. Its one thing fighting automated programs within limits of combat system (except assassins already had to fight BS) but its slowly getting worse.
  4. People asking for 400+ AP for NLAB WTF ?

    Meh, people asking for 420+ or such for Naryu6 is a joke, its faceroll with everybody on 400ap already.
  5. Bot KFMs

    This is KFM bot I run into a while ago: dropped first round due to stupid play but once you know its a bot (look at him rotate in 1:58+) and you learn what he does it should be easy win, depending on class. Btw on EU I run into summoner bot every day. People might not even realize its a bot, but telltale signs is that he does not care about his cat, only faces you and attacks all the time either moving towards you or SSing and does not use dandelion. In low ELO they don't use phasing exploit I think.
  6. Scripts/Macros users are killing arena.

    Yeah, sadly KFMs can do this legit. Good KFMs can kill you from one stun if you do not have tab, but they need to have good ping (even macros won't help here) so in this case its better to play cautiously against all KFMs and maybe be a coward and hug the wall so they can't get max agility with QE. Its really annoying to play, when you know one your mistake will cost you the game. Destroyers in tag can kill anybody within an ally grab/grapple duration. Stunlock combo is rather easy to pull. Hard to know what happened. What is more concerning to me is cooldown hacks. If somebody just adjusts them slightly, its hard to tell, because nobody keeps in their head all of enemy cooldowns, especially since most people do not know all classes so well, so something happens you go wth was that - lag, hack or nothing out of ordinary. This is why I have a habbit of running NVidia Shadowplay when I PvP set to record last 3 minutes in RAM, so if something fishy happens I can save it and examine,
  7. Stuck at 1800 - Hit a wall

    Ha, I am too stuck at 1800 with my destro as I cannot pass the wall of assassins in EU ladder. And no bots at that level, only people, so no free wins. Its like this, I get a row of summoners, I gain ELO, then row of assasins and lose ELO, rince and repeat.
  8. Bot report KFM EU

    Too long. Lets do rough numbers to see how much this bot has farmed: 7 days x 24 hours x 10 games/hour x 100 beans = 168000 beans or 2520 soulstones, 680g. Maybe less but still, why NCSoft is allowing bots to farm up hundreds of gold before they banned??
  9. Bot report KFM EU

    You know what's funny, I think I reported this bot previous week when he was gold.
  10. Its annoying that this problem still persists. I play on EU, no bots in tag so far, but somehow I fought a destroyer bot here at ~1800 rank. Really fast annicancel, but predictable pattern for easy win next round. Oh and bots are now so clever, using normal names, easy to grab titles, even joining a guild (only need 30 coppers) and now I see they prefer to use Talus uniforms. yet their predictable pattern and non-human like movement clearly shows that they aren't players.
  11. Bots...bots EVRY WHERE !!!!

    I reported a bot and he DC giving me a win, so it seems enough reports + autodetection flags now can handle them.
  12. Triple kick Tier2 Form1.
  13. Show off your bots!!

    Moderators are from US only and probably sleeping right now :)
  14. Logging everything will take too much space and processing time, its far simpler to check not what bots DO, but WHY, e.g. RMT. All gold farming bots are farming gold, and sending it away to mules/buyers, while running around with garbage gear no real players use, like non-evolvalbe wheel weapons. When gold is transferred to non-account character with mail or market - ban both accounts. Bonus if receiver is a gold buyer.
  15. Meanwhile our good friends destroyer bots still farm beans in PvP. How hard is to ban characters that don't use evolvable weapons? All these bots use eithe Lycan or Profane axe from wheel. Pretty sure you can get list of such chars with SQL query.