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  1. I don't care about p2w debate, only the huge barrier of entry for arena, which is supposed to be equalized, but evidently won't. This is bad for alts, bad for people that do not dedicate all their time to this MMO and bad for newcomers.
  2. Exactly, I am arguing about lvl 50 and balance relying on these skills and HM levels. People that QQ about summoners or whatever without grinding XP, achieves, skillbooks will be in exactly the same or worse position as now, which will result in game bleeding more players, until it will become very niche with same faces playing/wintrading with each other.
  3. My problem with is that at lvl 50 you need to have them and as much of hongmoon levels as possible to compete, because game is balanced on that. If you do not, game has no balance, your skill won't ever be able to overcome somebody having twice your skillpoints and more immunities/dps etc. So if your character reaches endgame level its not at max potential in pvp until you grind OR open your wallet.
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