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Arena Comments/Concerns/Suggestions


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Hey all,


I am playing a level 45 Force Master, love the mage classes (lyn pride!). Anyways I was able to break into gold which isn't hard these days thanks to the destroyer bots and their mindless skill spamming. I am just looking for feedback on a couple of area's.


A few things I have noticed is that tons of classes have skills that block mine and end up stunning me. I have looked for skills in my tree that would counteract this but not loose all CC capabilities to no avail. Also I know when fighting other FM's they seem to be able to move freely with projectile resistance anyone know what skill that is? Other than that for the most part the people in arena I play is fairly even.


Now for some of my concerns. This isn't the nerf this nerf that kind of concerns. My concerns are more so with the hacks/macros I have seen. We all know the game guard anti hack shield sucks. But I would say its about a 50/50 as far as KFM players with Macros. Which isn't bad seeing as how many of them there are. It just feels that 1 mistake against them and its Game Over. Anyone else seen this or know a way to fight this kind of non natural player mechanics? 


Destroyers....These guys are good...Won't lie most of the time when I start up and I see a Destroyer my mind defaults to a bot lol. But some of these actual players are really good. I find it hard not to stun myself when they spin...And they spin a lot. But not in a mindless sense....The other thing is when I try to CC them that spin takes them out of it and then I go into panic mode with no way to keep them off me...And Ani-Canceling...That is OP. But its bearable lol.


Suggestions... I just would like to hope the community continues to report the bots/hackers/macroers and whatever else they see even if they win to try and make this more about skill then who can cheat the best.


@Scummoners I mean Summoners. I love you to death, just leave your cats at home...They are way too clingy and we the people don't like it lol. Anyways I would love to spar some summoners more to understand the mechanics a bit better since I have yet to level one.

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Pierce Defense or Breaking Blocking/Defense would help you against Block/spin.


As for Destroyer Pierce Parry would help you against spin or you could 3 stack of your ice skills till you freeze them so they can't spin no more except with their red spin.


As for Blade dancer just use pierce parry and don't waste skills on them when they use immune.


And if you have problem against KFM, Just don't try to make them use their Iframe so much and don't attack them if they had their 6 second evade skill up.


AS for summoner, Just Idk what to do as FM really since I don't play FM xD



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As fm vs summoner freeze summon then lock them then preceded to knock cat unconscious then vola summoner lost 


Or bait out their petals then 10 seconds later a welcoming blast if done right u can 100-0 the summoner not the cat tho

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