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what does the pvp hongmoon for bm do?


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i wondered what ability made my lightning draw do an aoe trap like blade call, is that the 1 from pvp? i've heard that the PVE version from BSH is increased dmg with lightning draw, like higher crits. 10k+s, so what is the pvp for?, i've also noticed that the lightning draw with aoe field seems to be better for pve than pvp? 

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Lightning Draw T5M4 is the one you get from PvP beans. It adds a delayed 3 second knockown on your 4 ability. You get this move instantly after eating the item.


Lighting Draw M1,2,3 are unlocked by completing a quest chain that is activated by eating the Hongmoon book. You're gonna need 20 Siren Emblems for the last part, so have these prepared.


T5M1 is the one people use for PvP. It gives you 6.5k+ base damage on cc'd targets, up to 10-11k on critical hit.


T5M2 is the lightning AoE, mostly used for PvE, since it requires targets to stand in 1 spot for it's duration. It can also be used in PvP, as it has a much shorter cooldown than M1 (24 seconds less CD), so it can potentially be used more often than M1. It's drawbacks, costing a total of 6 skill points to spec, not dealing bonus damage on knockdowned targets, and requiring a stationary enemy, is what keeps people from spec'ing this in PvP.


T1M3 is pretty useless. It requires you to have high crit rate to be able to proc it, and it's cooldown is higher than M2.

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