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  1. How to beat a summoner bot :D

    Except damage to cat is not calculated in the total damage done equation. Only damage to Summoner counts.
  2. That's all gravy, but what if the Summoner uses Dandy after the cat curl? You can't attack him while it's up, and if you do, he's stealthed and buying even more time. That leaves a very small window with which to attack the Summoner, and even if you do manage to get on him, cat breaks your combo, wasting your gapcloser cooldown, combo ability cooldown, and your already tiny window of opportunity. With such short cooldowns on the Curl and Grapple, it's more about hoping the Summoner player messes up, than you maximizing your efficiency in dealing with them.
  3. I think Summoners could be pretty balanced with 2 major changes. Leave their damage, cc durations, charge disables, heals, and cat alone. What I would change about them is the cooldowns to two abilities. 1) Cat tank mode: This should not have a 6 sec. cooldown in PvP. For some classes, killing the cat is their only chance of having a real match. Cat tank mode is pretty much spammable as is. I would leave the skill to function as it does now, but I would make the cooldown 60 seconds, to allow a bigger window to counterplay. With this change, a player would have the ability to make it a true 1v1, at the sacrifice of their important cooldowns. 2) Cat grapple cooldown is 18 seconds, and has a 5 second CC duration. Other classes have CC's with 2-3 second durations with 24-36 second cooldowns. This is no bueno. My solution would be either to double the cooldown to 36 seconds to match the Tab escape cooldown, or leave the cooldown as is, and allow the player to break the grapple using a timed reversal similar to Blade Dancer grabs. Out of all the classes with grabs, Summomer is the only one who is able to unload their full dps potential while the opponent is CC'd. Destroyer and BD grabs have 6 second durations, but their offensive options during the grab are limited. With these two changes, I doubt there would be much to complain about, as both sides would be fighting on equal grounds.
  4. Summoners are unhealthy for 1v1 competitive arena. There is very little counter play available to use against them, and whatever counter play you come up with, they have a counter play for your counter play. If you play Summoner and only Summoner in 1v1 arena, you are contributing to the demise of this game, and it's competitive integrity. It's the very definition of low risk, high reward. Execution becomes a non factor when you're rewarded so heavily for pin down > rmb spam.
  5. Dear NCsoft

    Hmm good points you made there. I don't have that problem on my server in NA, as both factions are pretty close to even population. However, I do see the problem with Faction imbalance that a lot of people are experiencing. Your suggestions would probably work, only if NCSoft cares to listen.
  6. BYE BS

    I feel ya. The game does have it's share of issues. It does feel odd that older pc's are able to run this game better than newer, more powerful machines.
  7. Need some help understanding my matchups yesterday

    From watching the successful Diamond BM streams, I've concluded that an aggressive style tends to yield the best results. Turtle BM spamming block is fine vs. certain classes, but vs. a Summoner, it just makes you a sitting duck. Summoners want you to stand in place, it makes their job easier. The BM's I've seen that deal with Summoners fairly well, used calculated aggression. It's not blind aggression, but rather a very cerebral approach to aggressive play. Playing full defensive vs. them just seems to get you wrecked.
  8. From a BM point of view, Summoners are our hard counter. You can't burst the cat, because of 6 sec. cooldown cat tank mode. You can't burst the Summoner, because cat will interfere every time, and knock you out of the combo, despite your 100% evasion buff. Your only hope is to gapclose, CC, and burst, but even that is nullified by 5 different forms of charge disable. You wanna block? Guess what, you can't. Here, eat some free damage. In this particular match-up, it is the greatest test of skill and execution for the BM, but not so much for the Summoner. Just disregard anyone that says Summoners only have 1 positive match-up. They're clearly nobody's. "You're a laughing stock, and when this laughing stop, is when you and your beach as cat get popped." -wise man
  9. Need some help understanding my matchups yesterday

    Hey there, fellow BM here. This is the definition of a match-up nightmare. Just read the Summoner's skills, and you will realize their kit is designed to counter ours. Ranged naturally has advantage over melee, but Blade and Soul takes it to another level. They can negate your gap closers with their flower thingy, putting your primary tool for getting in to do damage, on cooldown, and at the same time, refreshing this defensive cooldown so they can do it over and over. If you do manage to get a combo onto the Summoner, cat breaks it up. If you manage to catch the cat in a death combo, they have a 6 sec. cooldown cat tank mode that makes this strategy impossible. You will waste cooldowns on the cat, while healing it. Your only hope has a melee is to gapclose, cc, and combo, but look at this! Summoners have 5 different ways to disable your gapclosers, which they can rotate to make sure you're doing nothing but eating free damage. Blocking? They can disable your block, just because. Attacking a Summoner? Here let me pop my bubble. I did the math, and as a BM, you pretty much have a 12 second window to work with. A 12 second window that gets smaller with each correct decision the Summoner makes, or with each mistake you make against them. If you manage to get a win vs a Summoner as BM, you have to play close to perfect.
  10. I have a Summoner lol. I learned the class in order to develop a greater understanding of their advantages. I just can't play it anymore. It feels like I'm driving in a Nascar race, with an automatic transmission. Or better yet, riding a bike with training wheels. The Summoner playstyle goes against everything I stand for in gaming. Been gaming for 28 years strong.
  11. Plat is easy for a Summoner, so yea, nobody is going to applaud you hitting Plat, because it's pretty much expected of you. Summoners have reached Plat as early as level 21. When something is seen as toxic and un-fun to play against, generally, changes are made. Arena is pretty much this game's saving grace. The PvE is lackluster, and owPvP doesn't really prove anything. Summoners, in their current form, take the fun out of the game for a lot of people. While the more hardcore crowd of PvPers will just deal with them as they are, many people are not as hardcore and dedicated to this game, and will quit out of frustration. Because facing a Summoner feels like hard work, and there's no point in playing a game if you're not having fun. Summoners are like a cancer in this game, that if not cured in time, will cause the game to bleed players until it becomes an afterthought. Look at what happened with Ultimate Marvel 3. Game was real fun, until it became a game of who could abuse the most broken characters wins. Capcom seen the imbalance in their game and decided to do nothing about it. As a result, the game pretty much died, and the only people left playing it, are the ones who enjoy abusing the OP characters. Just my opinions.
  12. The Hate for Summoner

    I've reached Plat on my BM finally, and had to face an army of Summoners in order to do so. It was a struggle. My opinions towards Summoners has changed a bit, but some things remain the same. Here is why I feel people dislike Summoners in PvP: 1) They are obnoxious to fight against. You might not consider it a 2v1 since it's 1 person controlling the cat + summoner, and they share the same kit, but the fact remains that the summoner's opponent must deal with 2 entities, while the summoner only has to deal with 1 entity unless faced with another pet wielding class. 2v1 doesn't necessarily make them OP, it makes the obnoxious. It's 2 things that can inflict harm to your 1, and 2 things to consider when faced against one. 2) Their kit is designed to annoy the hell out of you. It's that kind of, "nana nana nah nah, you can't catch me" kind of gameplay that the game forces upon you due to how the kit is constructed. This type of gameplay infuriates people to the point of not wanting to play video games with you anymore. Players just want an honest fight, and Summoners refuse to give it to you. 3) The fact that the cat and summoner can rescue each other. This goes back to the 2v1 issue. When the cat pins you down, you don't have a little buddy to help you out of your bad spot, summoners do. If you get the cat in a bad spot, summoners rescue the cat. You got the summoner in a combo? Cat saves the day. It feels unfair because if you're not a summoner, nobody is coming to rescue you. 4) They're easy to use. Nobody wants the easiest to play class to also be one of the strongest in the game. It gives very little incentive to play and learn other classes, when you're rewarded so heavily for taking the easy route. I feel that summoners, in this current patch, are rewarded way too much, for very little effort put in. Cat pin into Sunflower spam takes little to no skill, but is clearly very effective. 5) You're FoTM material. Not only do people find you the most obnoxious class to face in 1v1, there's many of you. So many people jumped on the summoner hype train, choo choo, and certain gamers look down upon those who follow the FoTM trends. You're not true gamers in the sense, but a bunch of power hungry mongrels ready pounce on the next class that offers you zomg free wins. 6) They're nearly fool proof. For almost every tactic people devise against you, you have a counter for it. Rush down the cat? Tank mode and heal. Rush down the summoner? Cat saves the day. Wanna hit me? Think again. Killed my cat? Heal and stall. The player facing the summoner must play at an unreasonably high level, in order to capitalize on the summoner's tiny punishment window, OR ELSE. 7) Because your class has no business being in a 1v1 arena based, skill based, action PvP game. Summoners just don't belong. Point blank period.
  13. Is BM low dps right now?

    Are you talking about PvP or PvE? There were tests in PvP that tested the 100-0 burst potential of each class in PvP, and BM's ranked 6th. Sins ranked 7th with the slowest 100-0 burst in PvP. Destroyers topped the list with the fastest 100-0 burst, with Force Masters coming in at a close 2nd. As for PvM, it's greatly dependent on your gears. If you have good gears, you will deal good dps, regardless of class. BM is known as the tank class, but that doesn't mean you can't dps.
  14. How to deal with blade dancers as kfm ?

    Hey bud. I play BM, and we have the exact same skill, Flying Sparrow. To counter Flying Sparrow, you have to understand the skill. Flying Sparrow will hit you in your back, and if it connects from the back, it will stun. What you must do, is predict the move, turn 180 degrees so your back is to the opponent, and parry block it from behind. There you go! You just countered Flying Sparrow. However, all the BD has to do is recognize this and use a different skill that hits from the front like Rush, to counter your counter. Good luck!
  15. FPS getting worse

    My FPS went down as well. In arena it's not so bad, but out in open world, it's nearly unplayable.