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  1. BM's don't need the book to reach Platinum in arena. There were BM's in Plat and Diamond before the HM skills were even implemented. They were just good at the game. Having the book does help, but without the skill and knowledge needed to compete in the highest ranks, you're still going to be garbage. With or without HM Lightning Draw. If your damage sucks compared to other classes in PvE, it's because you're undergeared. Not because you're lacking damage on an ability with a 60 second cooldown.
  2. The BM skillbook goes for 500g+. Hunt book. Sell book. You do the math.
  3. Breaking news, this just in: Having money lets you buy things.
  4. Potential burst is high, and sustained dps isn't that bad. Using the Lightening Draw (4), with Hongmoon skill S4 for max burst potential, I've hit for over 12k with only 368 attack. Our max potential attack in this patch is 400+ so the potential is there.
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