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Phatonm Grip in pvp


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Hey, usually when I use phaton grip it just backfire...

KFM - they just froze themselves or something

Destroyer - i dunno what but I cant do anything


Any tips how to use phantom grip? or maybe i shouldnt use it at all?

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Well, you can use your 2 but make sure you are protected while doing so...So during your SS or guardian tempest... Then it depends on the opponent reaction. If he uses his counter to get out then he probably knows the timing so only use f and drain for the rest of the fight . If he uses a profession specific skill to get out then try again next time. These skills have long cooldowns and if he uses them he probably doesn't know the timing for the counter so you have a good chance to actually get him with your next grab (or to make him blow his tab escape wich is great anyway...). Just be sure to stay safe if you choose to use your 2 (you never know when a counter might come out...) but unless you're sure the enemy knows the counter it's worth the try...

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