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  1. English subtitled translated by chaose5. (Turn on CC)
  2. I'm ok with pvp unless it's... A) You are ganged up in open world pvp just cause the other faction have more players then your. Nope, you couldn't even get in that highly populated one to begin with cause it was full from the get go. Even if you can change your faction later it means you have to go through all the trouble raising your faction rank all over again. B) Spawn killed at certain part of low lv pvp zone. C) Stupid rng when it comes to Tag match like how the other side got a mix bag of the 3cancers (summoners/des/bd) whereas you only have like 1 cancer or none at all or
  3. I wish they reduce the spawn time and kill count. Also hate how we have to tag mini boss for quest. Why can't we all share the kill?
  4. A) It's not like everyone have a perfect ping for this. B) Different class = different difficulty. You face roll the boss with a summoner whereas other classes like FM have to struggle through it. C) Toxic useless elitist responses >>> Useful advice.
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