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  1. English subtitled translated by chaose5. (Turn on CC)
  2. How many gem hammer do you need to unlock 5th and 6th slot?
  3. You still have to re-enter the dungeon after you get the pt invite to change ch.
  4. Gonna be a noob all over again... Death awaits... What 40 diary quests I should do now I wonder...
  5. Just switch side. It will only take you 1 day to get to rank2nd. You can get double soulstone the day you switch side as well.
  6. A) You need the right build to beat the guy. B) Go watch guide vids. C) You gonna die a lot until you manage to figure out his patterns. Afterward he become a joke boss. D) You can just spam i-frame pots whenever he using his uber move.
  7. Estimate time is when the daily spin end. Heard it was 6th April or smt.
  8. Boss too OP with all his adds and not enough players to do it without cross-server. Most ppl end up buying their breakthrough weapon from the market...
  9. Don't you ever do blue dungeon and tag pvp, TC?
  10. Wind build to kill mobs fast. Elec build with i-frame+healing is better for end game contents.
  11. I F hate those stupid noob pt leaders that don't know how to kick bot before going in dungeon. You cancel the que, kick the bots then que again. Don't get what so hard about it sheesh. (They need to make it so that Des can't be a pt leader when queuing with random.) Also check the left side just in case somebody else is making 4blue dungeon room. Join those for 100% no bots. You can create one yourself if you want also. Those are the countermeasure for now...
  12. Why don't you just start your own pt then? Other people can be picky as much as they want? Also it not just ap, some group also refuse to take certain class such as assassin with them. And yes there are good reasons behind it.
  13. As if free to play and pay to play communities can be the same? You do know that NA/EU teams are against pay to win, right? If they were not we would get higher tier weapon by now? Yes bots still exist but it's not like they don't try to fix the problem. Don't you think the fact that people complaining about the game is actually a good thing? Cause they care? Feedbacks?
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