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Is this actually my ping? 200+?


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iam curious because i cant pull of certain combos in the arena while iam sure iam pressing buttons fast enough. in specific iam assassin and iam talking about

Stun -> Close shave -> Hook kick -> Lightning rod -> Close shave. This combo should be unbreakable due to the recover animation of close shave. Weird things happen:

Sometimes enemys tab out while ill do the close shave. it looks like my character spinning in the air, doing the close shave animation, while the enemy is hitting me...

Sometimes after the first close shave i hammer already tab while doing closeshave hookkick i hammer 4 while hook kick animation but enemy can dodge before my lighning rod hits.

so i checked ressource monitor:




Is this my ping?



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You should use something like ping plotter or MTR to help further diagnose issues like this. It's likely that one of the routes between you and that specific IP address is having issues.


Just posting a picture of your resource monitor is only telling half of the story.

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