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  1. Is this actually my ping? 200+?

    You should use something like ping plotter or MTR to help further diagnose issues like this. It's likely that one of the routes between you and that specific IP address is having issues. Just posting a picture of your resource monitor is only telling half of the story.
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    "I didn't flag for pvp! All I did was put on my pvp uniform so I could do this faction quest!" So yes, you did flag for pvp. Bye! I'm sure you're server and faction are going to miss you and your terrible attitude. You can find hello kitty online by googling for it, but I'm sure a smart business owner, like yourself, could have figured that out on their own.
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    Jesus christ. The same owPvP complaints over and over again. If your faction is getting the screwed in the numbers, then the solution is to simply not wear your uniform. Don't like that option? Make an appeal in your faction chat and ask some of your faction's 45's to come help. "But my faction sucks and didn't come help me!" Well... Sorry. Just take off your uniform and skip the faction quests for now. Don't flag for pvp without expecting to get pvp'd. It's as easy as that.