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  1. Wardrobe Request

    Waiting forward to hearing from you
  2. Did I make my character too white?

    i think the most have way better things to do in-game but staring at your char...
  3. wtfast banned ??

    As far a i know WTFast isn't bannable.
  4. Final Warlock Preparation Check

    you bored..... you have 3 weeks to lvl him, Preparation doesn't needed..
  5. Account is locked

    I have exact the same pass for 6 years, never changed and never was hacked. Next time pick pass using: http://www.passwordmeter.com/ something like MnB1234☺•◘@ will never be "Hacked"
  6. Classes to instantly leave in 1v1

    If you a summoner many will defeat you. try to play more PVP class, KFM/SIN
  7. Soulstones...WTF?!

    Today i saw a PVP streamer who made 250 soulstones, not bad not bad,. i made 23, not bad as well (PVE)
  8. Character slots after warlock?

    i was right... With the addition of a new class to the game, the maximum number of character slots available will increase by one, to a new maximum of eight.We’ll also be providing everyone with an additional character slot unlock to hold their new Warlock—for free. it wasn't imagination.
  9. Copy the Enter BaS Folder located in c:/program files/ NCSOFT... on the new PC download BaS Downloaded. Start to install but stop it after NCsoft started to download the client. Extract your old copy on the new created location in c:/program files/ NCSOFT... start the Launcher again and let it download some minor update. Have Fun and GL
  10. Is this actually my ping? 200+?

    Yes, this is probably your ping. Arena battles located on a cross zone which located in US or something which cause 150-200 ping on EU users. Try to use some Battleping/WTFast or other allowed ping decrease softs.
  11. Ban wave and NCsoft

    I never abused any bug/exploit and always reported exploiters, Amazing!! but i wasn't banned :) Learn play nice without breaking the rules. P.S, STOP QQQQQQQQQQ
  12. Trying to get 60+ stable fps

    Even if you triple your PC stats you wont reach 60 stable FPS during BW/Terror, Optimization is broken unfortunately.
  13. 3 free slots?

    You will have to purchase it, nothing is free...
  14. Character slots after warlock?

    Your god doesn't exist.
  15. Welcome to " unable to trade " game, you will meet a lot of those items.