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Battleground needed for endgame.


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People who played tera know well how awesome battleground was (15 vs 15 tower defense)

Like many players i am lvl 45 sins first week of the game release. I do arena,daily's etc. But the endgame is really getting boring now. Its missing something very important. 

Battleground it is. Many people would invest hours on battleground because it's fun. 
What do you guys think? Will there be a battleground ? or will it stay like this with little patches and more boring dungeons and stuff.


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At some point we will be getting a battleground, or something like it in the later patches. Can't tell you when though.


Personally i a have always favored smaller, more intimate forms of pvp. A 1v1 arena where it's just you and me, no tricks, no interference, just me and my opponent duking it out seeing who can play better.

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