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  1. There's also 300 something soulstones, but I forgot the exact amount xD
  2. 410 stingers 180 moonstones 10 flowers of lament 100 gold 25 silverfrost transformation stones 3 premium silverfrost transformation stones and a soulstone weapon (drops from the soulstone weapon box in SSP).
  3. There are some good tips, but I want to add some things. 1. Whenever KFM does SS+approach (in case that they don't use tab), you can immediately use anklebiter or kick right after you blocked their charge hit. 2. Most of the time KFMs just SS+Approach->Q/E so you hit into iframe or force you to accidentally block so they can triple kick you (everytime you have block up KFM can stun you, it has 6 sec cd and if you hit into their iframe, Q or E, they can stun you for free + give them agility stack). 3. Between every counter use there's a small window throu
  4. He forgot to mention that I killed some of them
  5. You're mistaken. Let me enlighten you on how the story is at the moment. At the end of act 3 you automatically go on the Dark Path with Mushin,etc, BUT *spoiler* after the masters sacrifice themselves for you, you automatically get set upon the Light Path, so the end will also be the light path. Also, in Korea you had the option to choose again at some point in the story if you want to turn back to the light path or continue with dark / go dark or continue with light, I am guessing this second choice (if you want to turn back to another path or continue with your existi
  6. Hey at least we got some useless text localization fixes or whatever that is. My ping will surely go down now.
  7. I made that thread... I just posted another one cause I saw it got deleted without reason. NCSoft is a joke, the greediest company I've seen in over 10 years of MMORPG gaming.
  8. No optimization fixes, no delay fixes, no hacker/bots fixes, only small stuff. Also, XP event to draw attention from the in-game problems while NCSoft bathes in money, yet they can't afford to hire 2 GMs for minimum wage (minimum wage since they're greedy) to ban bots/hackers. Why do they refuse to give out any update on the bot/hacker situation and why don't they take some measures to fix those things ? At least an update "we wait answer from Korea" or some shit like that so we know what's going on.
  9. I don't know why there isn't ANY thread about this HUGE issue. Whenever boss does a special attack (and the bar which shows you when to iframe appears), I either get very big fps drops or 20 second freezes / disconnects. This happens only when the bar appears. In necropolis 4, in yeti, naryu lab last bosses. Why isn't there any thread about this thing ? People should bring it to ncsoft's attention. As I write this I am frozen at 0 fps in naryu lab last bosses for over 2 minutes and game just crashed. It's not my PC if you ever wonder that, I saw more players having this issue. Please fix this
  10. I don't even try to ani cancel with this ping. The thing is that my DPS suffers a lot cause of this ping and I'm Blade Master (which is not the greatest dps class either).
  11. The problem is not just gameguard, it's in part their servers which they refuse to change cause they're greedy. Also they say the same thing : "we will... we will... we will", I will become the president of USA too, see my point ?
  12. Even if they're not Texas, even more reason to not have this huge ping... what kind of a joke of server do they have ? This is really frustrating in dungeons, I can't even go to 4-mans like this.
  13. And why do you have to pay real money to play with decent ping ? This is retarded.
  14. Bad ping everywhere. I can't play in dungeons like this, with delay. I made the screen to show the ping I get and to show that the IP is from Texas. Before you start saying "but muh servers are in europe", I want to tell you that I've checked every single IP from there and they're ALL in Texas. There's also this freeze bug happening at necro last boss when Yura starts doing that 3 hit special attack. Why can't NCSoft get a better server ? They have a lot of money and can't afford a better server ? How greedy are they ? No, it's not my ISP, I never had this problem in a
  15. Hi. Is it allowed to make another account to play while you are banned on 1 account ? Made the thread here cause I don't know where else to make it :D
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