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Blade & Soul Warlock Class Week Livestream – 2.25.2016


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Points of the Stream:

  • Warlock Class video (EN, FR, DE)
  • (00:13:05) Tackling bots is a priority for us. We cannot share our exact detection methods, but we are identifying additional solutions and tracking against bots.
  • (00:15:33) To address the issue with players changing the Master Loot setting mid-instance, we are working on removing Heroic option from the loot threshold meaning any item above Superior must be rolled on regardless the loot options set by party leader. Aiming to implement it in the Warlock patch.
  • (00:16:30) We will be reducing the name change lockout when using a name change voucher form 365 days to 24 hours.
  • (00:17:05) Legendary weapons will not be coming in the Unchained update. It is currently extremely difficult to upgrade a Legendary weapon without adding P2W components. We are keeping firm on our principle to not have P2W. Legendary weapons will come at a later time, after it is evaluated on how to provide players with more natural and more accessible means of upgrading.
  • (00:19:08) Bamboo costume design is back from the devs. We also have Bamboo weapons.
  • (00:21:20) Keep in mind any abuse of an exploit (in this situation -- bypassing mini bosses in Hall of Ogong) in the game may result in sanctions on your account.
  • (00:23:31) Julianne’s Warlock Lyn is hideous and terrifying.
  • (00:26:08) Julianne reviews her skill choices for Warlock and what certain skills do. Jonathan adds commentary.
  • (00:59:10) There will be a leveling event where players can get the Warlock costume. More details to come.
  • (01:08:55) End with Q&A session
  • New costumes will be added into the store tomorrow (Friday, February 26)!


For the complete livestream, watch the VOD: http://www.twitch.tv/bladeandsoul/v/50481610

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