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Ranged Classes


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The main problem is, every auto attack every ranged skill is target based in this game. Why ? This make no sense ! This is an action mmo rpg, and use target system as a normal point and clicker ?

Theres no wonder why ranged classes are op they didnt have to actualy aim just look at the direction of the  opponent .... really ?

Dear Ncsoft dont you think this is a littlebit to much advantge to ranged classes ?

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Let's look at summoners.

The PvP ones tend to spec into Sunflowers and Sunflowers are their primary source of damage.

Guess what? Sunflower must be aimed and if you miss, the enemy receives 0 damage.

And then there's our focus generation skill, Rosethorn. It auto-aims, but if the enemy isn't targeted we can't even shoot it.


Some skills are auto-aimed others have to be aimed manually. Learn how each of them works and learn how to deal with them.



Blade & Soul's combat system is a hybrid of targeting (WoW) and targetless (TERA). If it bothers you, go switch to TERA.

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