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FM party play on Warlock release


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Hello! I was thinking to make a FM for party PVE play, ranged dps fun.

Now I dunno much about FM or warlock, or other classes except for KFM and I am thinking that, would FM still be a good addition to a dungeon group after warlock release?


I understand Warlock has a great party buff that makes them mandatory in any pve group. Since most also want a kfm/bm & a distro that leaves just one spot for FM, sin, BD...

I'd hate it to start a FM now only to find out after 2 weeks that people pick warlocks over me and I have to struggle to find a group.


Would appreciate it if someone would give some advice.

Any FM out there that will actually switch to WL on release? 


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Well that's my problem. From a lot of reading, reddit, dojo. I got the general idea that at level 50 FM doesn't scale as well as other classes.

Also that party defense usefulness pales is in favor of faster runs, which a warlock makes through their buffs.


FM has more iframes on a lower cooldown... that's about the most shine a FM got in those discussions, that's why I am asking :)


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It's still a good addition to a party. Warlocks are not actually required to do any content. That is the nice thing about this game... No class is specifically required for any PvE content. There are just some that make it 'easier'. 


Basically, play whatever your heart desires... You will be able to find groups either way!

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