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  1. Same 4 tries 1 sucess,1k gold for 1 transform :) 254g per try is really a lot but in market those stones are 650g each...
  2. I want to create a teenager Kun nearly flat chested and shortie and the kun design itself is of some monster tall sized creatures.I want shorter and almost flat chested kun,why can't we have such options? In Aion You could make your character from complete rat size to some monster tall freak.
  3. Spoiler. Well I don't blame Jinsoyon for what she become.Mushin injured her master,put the blame on her and lyed to the old farts,which mindlesly followed him and almost few times killed her.If something like this happen to you,I doubt you`ll like a sheep wait to be killed,right? Julia - the Warlock Master is cute yeah.
  4. w ished he lived to find out about Mushin's betrayal... Spoiler Well they was old stubborn retards to follow him just because he is one of them.Justice was what he and the other old tard had to handle.Instead they killed Jiwan and almost Jinsoyon. End of spoiler. Lyns are rats,and rats spread diseases,and what what we do with them? We gas them.Conclusion? Gas chembers for all lyns!
  5. I mixed up.I though it's about the white/black chapter at jiwan peak.
  6. SPOILLERRRR *cricket*ing don't QQ if you read it anyway.
  7. Jinsoyon most loved.She is not evil,the 3 retarded masters make her the way she is.She was Jiwan student and this mofo karate guy did something I don't want to spoil. However after she get her revenge she is puting her life in YOUR hands.Wont spoil more then that. The most hated? Mushin.
  8. OR maybe we just know what to do? Im 548 AP with tons of crit dmg and crit rate(would had like 11 more AP If I went with the lame bracelet) and tommorow i`ll add 8 more.How I do this? I spend my time farming things worth gold not lame daillies.Daillies I do maybe 3 times per week,mostly at the weekend,rest time I enjoy farming dungeons and eventally SSP.
  9. Second wave necro 4 with 4 FM? Boss will die before it even get to first.I know as I did it with kfm and 2 more FMS(im FM).boss didn't even went middle...it just died.... If you belive FM's has only ice tab....and ice sheath share global CD so if 1 use all are on CD's. If I want to run Yeti 500+ why should not I? I don't ask for specific classes just for fast run.I'm not playing 24/7 and often then not I just spend all my ingame time spamming dungeons to get gear sometimes I don't even have time for some EXP daillies,or when I do,barely make more then 20 total.Currently at 545
  10. What do we do without BD in first boss yeti? We just blown it up there,although the game is bugged and sometimes(often)you lose it from target. What do we do in the last one? We just blown it up.I'm FM my friends which usually I play with are Destro and Summoner.I tank the whole fight.I CC the boss.I protect the group from all aoes(except that at 49% or lower- the 3rd grab).I protect the group from all 8 circles and I do shittons of dmg. Can BD do this? We said korea for reason.Once we get Sunken Ship,Underground Prison,Forgotten Tomb,etc you would see why in korea noone take BD
  11. Your dps is avarage and you don't contribute to the group with anything special and thats the main reason you`re easly replaceable by everything else. Destro dps is better,ther grab is better(well not grab but whatever the skill is to hold bosses) sin dps is better and now have buff for the group WL is...well WL. FM is not just one of the top dps but also group protections. Summoner is better dps and have party protection too. And so on ... ;) As far as I know noone invite BD's in Korea for PVE.
  12. I didn't do bsh/poh 24 from weeks,also misty faction.However at windrest there is groups even in the night.I once went bsh(or was lab don't remember)at 3am at monday.Go figure.
  13. Sad to see noone mentione FM >.< Yeah sure to solo purple dungeons you need to invest in super gear and extra gem/soul shield but....you can do it. FM dps atm is top tier and I wanna see this sin that can do more :D
  14. You complaining now because of some soulstones? Oh man quit already because for you at 50 will be worse....Moonstones came from faction too but not quests..boss kills. You kill the oposit faction boss and a 30 min game begin.3 ogres=3 boxes for moonstones(This bosses are pretty simillar to Terrors) + chance for some keys to open this boxes....1-7 MS from the MS rng box. Have fun...oh you need like 70-100+ per weapon upgrade.They will sell for over 15g in the begining.Enjoy.
  15. So as a FM with ez in mushin I should have the hat already...90 runs and keep counting...Boss die in under 80 sec,is that fast enough?
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