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  1. We should have "Arena Only" mode

    Now people who play just for PVP still spend money for costumes,sell ncoins,you name it but in such mode they will not spend a dime,why should they for real? There must be something not to force but rather a cool stuff to generate income.Fancy title,name colours,epic costumes,special skill effects or alike which all of this avalible only in this particular mode? Good Income is a must for healthy game experience/
  2. We should have "Arena Only" mode

    Because behind the scene there is A LOT people and the project cost A LOT on it's own? Because the servers don't run on thin air and the staff along with the dev team in KR are not a trees living on photosynthesis?
  3. Melee VS ranged classes / disadvantage

    And then you go in arena with the said ranged and you feel really silly against most meles because hey everyone and ther entire familly has range protections/blocks/parrys/counters,etc and gazilion of dmg and ccs.Yeah no wonder there is like 90 FM's in korea top 100 chart...oh wait there isn't. PvE? Learn to play.Thats more important then gear.I have friend BM who doesn't give a shit who open the fight - he always get it a few sec later.You know that silly nasty 2 skill that can open cyclone...how unfrair,right?
  4. Melee VS ranged classes / disadvantage

    There is tons of places meles shines compared to ranged classes but noone point that.Everyone look at SSP like is the only content and what people must spam all day long,every day.I hate SSP and I'm FM I avoid it at any cost.I just hate it,period.And I know many like me. LEt's reduce meles Iframes to 4 sec CD and duration of them to be 2 sec.Also few extra stuff like every skill apart from LB and RB must give meles iframe for certain period of time.Anddd 500% defense /block/parry/evasion boost,40% hp boost,100 AP extra base attack and 20% crit dmg. And of course let's nerf FM to old 2.0 build.No burn for FM's,and they must spam LB/RB/F and 1.Summoner dmg should be rolled back to 2.0 build too when they had bad DPS. Warlock dps should be reduced by 50% too because ranged you know.
  5. Melee VS ranged classes / disadvantage

    I have friend BM.He outdps most people,like nearly everyone.Crazy dps and on top of that he easly iframe 8 yeti slams.And on top of that easly solo lycan and protect camp as mele and BM.He has no problem in SSP and he always get box.Guess being good in West is not normal.
  6. It's not probably it's certain koreans will wreck EU/NA just like they did last year with Taiwanese and Japanese players :) Now the bonus to the last is,atleast this year they will have the oportunity to wreck someone :)
  7. Melee VS ranged classes / disadvantage

    This game has OWPVP? You learn something new everyday it seems.
  8. Melee VS ranged classes / disadvantage

    Well mele classes also has dps skill that make them invulnerable to dmg for short period on top of ther iframes.Let's not talk about the fact cds of iframes are nearly half CD compared to FM for example.FM SS is the worst iframe ever.Q/E 16 sec CD compared to meles 9 sec.Also KFM Iframes give them agillity buff...and they have counter...and dashes....like bms you know.... As FM that tanked nearly every dungeon I did I can tell you tanking is not hard,it's quite easy actually but it could be annoying as being,well you know mage? I don't know but being FM tank keeping bosses nearly stand still all the time is rather annoying to see meles designed to tank to actually cry about it.Give me BM Iframes and you can take my Ice tab NP.Oh and ther block. FM has only 1 skill with a cast and it's the double inferno - 2.5 sec cast time skill that if both hits crit - hit for nearly 80-90k,of course depend of the gear.And it doesn't generate threat.
  9. Ok I got hacked.How this guy stolen my account I'm still trying to figure out.I got the idea ncsoft account protection is really really really bad - no security questions,etc literally no protection.However my pain is not just that I got hacked but because I have reputation on Windrest server Europe and this guy somehow eventually know that and he is abusing my account....he scammed many people in past 2h(Because ncsoft support is the best thing in this game and reply to lock account seems to take looong time)even accounts.Because people know me. And there my rupation and my hongmoon path to glory is about to end.I spend a lot money in this game but now I`ll be gone.I can't stand the fact of what happened and I just can't see my future in this game as people will point at me with a whisper "this guy is major scammer". Sincerly yours,HCO aka Dans Windrest Europe.
  10. Melee VS ranged classes / disadvantage

    This so much.For very long time now I'm the dps,tank,support and all of this in mele range.Block yeti skill after the stand still jump & smash that knock you away and kd in the same time with fire tab(thats not that easy),jump behind Yeti/Snake/Scorpion,Iframe what has to be iframed...and meanwhile you have to be beast dps...sure.
  11. Ncsoft protection is bullshit.

    Noone know my password atleast not from me...
  12. Ncsoft protection is bullshit.

    100% Very Strong I guess not that very strong... And the IP is somewhere in Finland at some unknown to me ISP...how does that will help me? I never was in Finland...
  13. Ncsoft protection is bullshit.

    You may didn't but many did.In this case unfortunately to some.
  14. Ncsoft protection is bullshit.

    I was asking myself the same question - why he gived hes account info...
  15. Ncsoft protection is bullshit.

    My password was like letter-number-5 letters - special sign - 3 numbers. Imo the problem wasn't the password .... The hacker scammed over 10k gold from people from my account.I belive everyone in my place would feel really bad...just like I Do...
  16. Ncsoft protection is bullshit.

    I was very confident in myself as well but you never know ...
  17. Ncsoft protection is bullshit.

    I'm playing MMOS from about 15 years now and It's first time I got hacked...
  18. Ncsoft protection is bullshit.

    Your account has been accessed from an unverified location. IP Address: Country: FI * And the clan mate that got hacked as well(People though I'm on hes account on a rampage mode scamming everyone)have the same ip but different port.So the hacker is from FI >.<
  19. Ncsoft protection is bullshit.

    I restore my e-mail....they didn't locked the account yet although I submit a ticket...and the guy scammed many,many people...
  20. Ncsoft protection is bullshit.

    I wrote to support from my second account in the minute I noticed my e-mail was hacked.Thing is your support is extreamly slow and the hacker is on rampage mode scamming people and accounts.He is selling people ncoins or whatever and as I have high reputation people are giving him ther info to log in ther accounts for premium membership although I never myself asked anyone account info... When I logged in our TS to ask people am I logged in they told me all this things...this guy scammed thousands of gold...
  21. Ncsoft protection is bullshit.

    I'm still trying to figure out how that happen.But thing is it did happen and the sad part - many friends and random people got scammed. In every game I played so far you have few steps of verification - phone number,security questions when e-mail is about to be changed and so on.Here? Nothing...
  22. Legendary S10 & S5 + Oblivion Accessories

    Thats not abuse but ncsoft faut.They forgot to disable Hell isle at the start of Silverfrost.
  23. Legendary S10 & S5 + Oblivion Accessories

    I just wonder how stupid you can be to go full retard so obviously.If the said GM just spawned regular leg +3 and true scorpio accessories noone would even notice...
  24. Legendary S10 & S5 + Oblivion Accessories

    It just bug me how you can have legendary +10 while this version of Leg weapons just recently got an update from 6 to 9 in Asia....
  25. Premium Silverfrost Transformation Stone

    Same 4 tries 1 sucess,1k gold for 1 transform :) 254g per try is really a lot but in market those stones are 650g each...